You're a Pretty Big Deal Around Here


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Have you ever made a TERRIBLE MISTAKE when it comes to your business? Perhaps you invested money in ads or a training and didn’t get an ROI.


Maybe you keep launching and re-launching without sticking to that one thing that truly works.


Maybe you still have no freaking clue about what you’re doing, but that entrepreneurial drive is there and you just know you are NOT giving up.


No matter what that mistake or “failure” was, I get you.


I have made sooo many mistakes that if I turned them all into a book, it would probably be longer than all of the Harry Potter books combined.


I want this email to help you. So, I created a list of free resources just for you to help you with your entrepreneurial journey, whether you are starting out, growing, or scaling.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Find me on Instagram and send me a DM telling me you came from this email! I also post actionable content there 🤗


my appreciation knows no bounds.