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Just popping in to say hello and see how everyone's doing. I chose this picture because it echoes the way I'm feeling right now: uncertain. Schools are opening, kids are leaving their cocoons, and there's no guarantee any of the best laid plans will help or hurt. While I believe kids need the human connection and personal interaction, it's a scary time for many. Parents typically like to control situations when it comes to their children, and here’s one we can’t. 


Thinking of all of you out there sending your students back to the classroom or away from home, some for the first time. And to the teachers, the real heroes, let’s give them the support and appreciation they deserve. Finally, for those home-schooling and learning on-line, remember that learning—structure, lessons, immersion—is the key, no matter the method. You got this! 


News and deals...

I coudn't be more thrilled to be included on a list wiith these amazing authors and their books: Britt Bennett, Jill Santopolo, Jeffrey Eugenides, Josie Silver, Tom Spanbauer, 

and Christine Brae. Thank you BookTrib 

and thank you Daniela Ramras.

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Now I Need Your help...

This is no joke. I've asked four, competent, bright women their thoughts on this question. Weigh in, and you'll be automatically entered to win a copy of either Happy Catastrophe, Ask Again, Yes, or Shame The Devil.


My son moved to a new apartment. Last night, he sent me this picture with the caption: colors? whites? Certainly, my son has been doing laundry in his old apartment for two years now, and I had a brief moment of joy (and a chuckle) that he still needed me, but take a closer look. 

What would be your recommended setting for colors and whites?


US Entrants Only

Good luck everyone.

I'll throw in some detergent with your book! 

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy return to school.

Keep reading.

Keep doing laundry.

We're all in this together.


Please excuse any typos. I'm old and blind.