AUGUST 16,2020 


Hello Friends!



Hello Ladies! What a 24 hour I had! On a very impromptu whim, I jumped in my car Friday and headed to a friend's boat for a very fun 24 hour getaway. It was so great to have a change of scenery, be on the water, and spend time with some close friends. 

And I'm so grateful for Bill for holding the fort here and taking such good care of Mary...he is so good to her and is a real keeper <3.

 I came home feeling hungover  refreshed and ready for a great week ahead!


 Speaking of the week ahead, we're in week #2 of the It's About Time! Time Management Course. I'm so excited about the system I'm establishing to 

manage - and master - my time. 


It's a fantastic group of women, and I'm struck by all the similar "issues" we share, despite the variety in our ages, lifestyles and personalities. 


Carol is an amazing coach, and I can't wait to see what the next two weeks hold.


This course filled up and is closed to registration, but we'll be running it again, so if you're interested, click HERE to be added to the waitlist for the next session 

(no obligation). 


Now for the latest from B.Styled....



Weekend Outfit Idea

Casual weekends can easily lead us down the road to frump city if we're not careful.  Let's not sacrifice self respect in the name of "I'm not going anywhere" comfort, ok? It's just as easy to put on a cute lounge outfit that feels fantastic and looks good, as it is to opt out and end up feeling like a blob. Sounds harsh, I know...but it's true and you know I'm right;) 



New Feature on the B.Styled Website! 


That's it for today!  

Remember, even if you don't have to it anyway!

..and be well! 


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