We're always looking for unusual ways to make extra cash and yesterday, we found one that doesn't involve selling all your stuff. If you've ever had a really bad date, you're going to want to check this out. 


This episode, we also welcome boundary-breaking Photographer & Filmmaker, Rankin.

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In a recent interview by It's Nice That, Rankin quoted an ex who said “Rankin never wants to do anything unless it’s an idea.


Some of those ideas? Co-Founding Dazed & Confused magazine in 1991 and Hunger magazine 20 years later. Handing the Photoshop reins over to teenagers in a project called ‘Selfie Harm’ to explore the dangers of social media. Shooting 1,800 portraits of the general public in three months and most recently, trying to capture the spirit of 2020


He has taken some of the most iconic portraits of some of the most iconic people over the last 30-ish years, and in this interview, we cover none of it. Instead, we talk about hobbies, books and making moves to get your shit together (despite looking like you've got your shit together). 


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Rankin on wellbeing


What’s one routine you’ve stuck to that has made your life more enjoyable?


Walking my dogs. I just love getting some head space to be a little blank and not thinking about work. My dogs do that for me every time!


How have you got your shit together lately or at some point in the past?


On the advice of a previous managing director, I got myself a business therapist. That therapist ended up being someone that totally changed my working life. She made me realise where I was letting the business down. Now I’ve found a brilliant team, it feels like we’re going from strength to strength.


Rankin on money


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about money?


Probably one of the biggest was opening a gallery in Los Angeles. It cost me quite a bit of money, but I learned a lot from doing it.


What’s the best, most practical piece of advice you would give to someone about money?


Get a good accountant and make you sure you keep some cash in hand. 


What’s the most useful thing you’ve bought under £20 in the last year?


Ha, good question. Probably a whistle or a giant tennis ball.


Rankin on life


If you could give one piece of advice to your 25-year-old self, what would it be?


Be nice to the people around you now, as they will be around in 30 years. Oh and stop trying to avoid writing, as you’ll really enjoy it in the end.  


What are your thoughts on failure?


Failures happen every day and you can only embrace them. Mistakes are inherently opportunities to learn. 


What’s something you’d like to learn about that’s totally separate from your job and why?


Horticulture. Over lockdown I started a series of flower photos. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, but never got round to it. It made me realise how little I know about that world, but I want to photograph it, so this is something I’d definitely like to learn more about. You can check out my images at @florabyrankin.


Rankin’s recommendations


Tell us about your favourite…




Raw+. Recently, I shot a whole series of virtual pictures, which got me into experimenting with raw shooting on my camera phone. Out of all the apps I tried, Raw+ was the best (although the exposures on it are very difficult to manage). You can take those images into Photoshop and the results are pretty ace.


...podcast episode?


Anything by Jon Ronson.




Buffalo Springfield — Mr Soul




Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed. To be creative, I really need to question things, this book has that at its heart. It really made me realise how bad we are at learning from our mistakes. It also introduced me to the expression cognitive dissonance which I’ve been banging on about since I read it!


...TV show?


Laurel Canyon




A new one I’m thinking of doing.


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