AUGUST 23,2020 


Hello Friends!



Hello Ladies!

Hope everyone is doing well. For me personally this is always a strange/strained time of year…But of course  2020 makes everything all the more strange, doesn't it?


It's still summer, it's still 90 degrees and sunny (thank you!) but transition is in the air. Kids are attempting to go back to school (or not) and talk of fall is everywhere.


It's the time of year I make a concerted effort to remind myself, and anyone else who will listen (anyone?? Bueller??):


Fun Fact: 

It's still Summer!


So let's not “rush the season” as Mary says. Instead, let's have some 

CARPE DIEM around here, ok??


That said, I'm working really hard on my productivity and time management, and the biggest benefit I'm finding is having more free time and less nagging “should'ves" as it relates to how I spend my time. It's been a pivotal learning experience for me, and we still have one more week to go in the 21 day course.


The It's About Time! Time Management Course is closed for this session, but we can let you know the next time it runs. Join the waitlist HERE as spots are limited.

Now for the latest from B.Styled....


Click “more” under the YouTube video  to see all topics with time-stamping so you can fast-forward, etc. 

Here they are, fyi:

Closet Edit Bootcamp: 2:35 

Seasonal Transition and Seasonless Closet: 8:35 

**How the Closet Edit Boot Camp will work 10:40 

**Important Point: Transitioning your lifestyle and your wardrobe: 13:35 

Time Management Course Testimonial (from me;) 15:22 

How clothes that are "fine" are wrecking your style: 17:27 

Addressing work clothes you no longer wear but may wear "someday": 18:50 

What to do with your Burberry 😂: 20:40 

Nordstrom Sale talk, leopard flats, leather moto, etc: 21:26 

Booties vs. Tall Boots for Fall: 25:15 

Elevated Basics and why they are important: 28:00 

Beth hires an intern for next summer 😂:  29:47 

***Questions to ask yourself before you buy anything: 30:33 

TEST: What is our word of the day?



 Outfit Idea

A blazer is my #1 tip for elevating your look in 2 seconds. And who says it has to be "dressy" or stuffy?? The next time you default to a jean jacket or cardigan, give it a try for a change!




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That's it for today!  

Remember, even if you don't have to it anyway!

..and be well! 


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