Let's talk about buying your first place. For lots of us, it's the next big leap towards getting our shit together. The financial Everest of our lives so far.

In this episode, we hear from two people who have done it. 


First up, our interview guest, Ian, gives his best advice on the home-buying process. Then, in our hot links, the inspiring story of a 27 year-old, self-employed content creator, who saved £70K to buy her home solo.


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Ian is CEO & Co-Founder of Studio Something; a creative studio that has creative, entertainment and venture arms. He lives in Scotland and has a dog called Ernie and used to be addicted to Rainbow Drops, but isn’t any more.


He has just bought and moved into a new house, restructured his company and is expecting a baby in 4 weeks. EEESH!


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Ian on buying his first home


What type of property did you buy? 

It was a mess. My wife found the property, and she said ‘this is the one’. I thought she was crazy, but in the end she was right. We did a lot of work to it, but it was the perfect home to buy as we didn’t pay crazy amounts for it and sold it a few months ago, which helped us move up the ladder. It had brilliant light and was a villa, so you got the benefits of a house without the price. She’s smart!


Most enjoyable part vs least enjoyable part of the process?

It was hard work, but doing the renovation in the house was enjoyable. Fitting the kitchen and bathroom was a challenge but nothing a YouTube tutorial couldn’t teach. I guess the feeling of ‘this is ours’ is always so nice too, especially when you have saved and worked hard for it.

The worst part was having so little money for a long, long time and DIY being your life/hobby for a bit. I can name you Farrow & Ball colours off by heart...

What advice would you give to someone buying their first home?

- Buy a house in need of TLC but in a good area
- Invest money in doing it up instead of bidding over the asking price
- Don’t be sad if you lose out on houses

- Don’t get caught up in the bidding nonsense!


Ian on mental wellbeing


What are your thoughts on how society views mental wellbeing now, compared to ten years ago? 

I think it has come on so much, but we still have so far to go. Stigma and discrimination have had a lot of awareness building around it and it’s spoken about a lot more, but unfortunately, deaths by suicide are still going up. I do think we owe it to each other to be empathetic and look after each other. Having dealt personally with these issues I know that it is easy to let your mental health define you, but the thing to remember is that we all have mental health. Creating a safe environment to talk about how you feel is key and that goes in the workplace, school or even your mate’s WhatsApp group.


What habits have you established to keep your mental health in check?

Small victories. The thing I struggle most with with my old brain box is anxiety and mood swings. To help with these, I learnt to appreciate small victories you can control; making your bed, making a proper breakfast, taking 15 to relax. I’m also very open with people around me about my mental health, this means that I flag when I’m having a bad day and generally having it out in the open helps me deal with it instead of letting it all stew away!


You’ve worked on some great projects that promote mental wellbeing — tell us about them! 

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with See Me to help tackle stigma and discrimination. I think we have done some world-leading work with them including our emoji-powered jukebox Feels FM, turning instagram on its head by starting #MyUnfilteredLife and I wrote a poem about my own experiences for them which went viral after appearing on the front page of Reddit. We are currently working on a really exciting project which launches next month to help unite Scotland to prevent deaths by suicide.

Ian on physical wellbeing


You told us that you do ultra-runs, how did you get into it?

I’ve always enjoyed running, but last month I did 21.5km every day for ten days and raised over £10,000 for a charity that helped my wife and I after we lost our son Reuben. It was a very cathartic experience once I got over the bleeding nipples! 


What advice would you give to someone who’s keen to start running?

I think the key to maintaining fitness is having normal goals. Like, being honest, I’ve barely ran since the ultra challenge. I’m quite bad at getting super fit then relapsing and really envy people who can keep at it consistently (like my biz partner and best pal Jordan). I just think my personality is very ‘all in or nothing’ which doesn’t really suit that, but I’m working on it. I’ve found tracking runs and competing with yourself is good; trying to go a little further/faster than before really helps you feel great. Whether that’s running 5km or 50km.


Ian's recommendations


Tell us about your favourite…



I really like Do Purpose by Dave Hieatt, Founder of Hiut Denim.



The Reply All episode ‘Case of the Forgotten Hit’ is the greatest of all time.



My friend Nick Sherrard wrote a great piece about hustle culture the other day. Really got my brain box thinking.


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I’m personally obsessed that when I called my local used bookstore to ask when they open the owner said “Usually it’s 11, but I’m in the middle of a lover’s quarrel so today it’s more like 12.”