August 31, 2020


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From the Director's Desk


In this edition of The Leaflet, you will learn about a new book on ideology in immigration, a book (coming soon) on how to make democracy more democratic, and one video featuring a leading scholar who will participate in The Global Summit, a first-of-its-kind event for all students and scholars of constitutionalism. 




Every year, I am able to accept one or two invitations to serve as a visiting professor at another law school. Last year, I accepted an appointment in my native Canada as a “Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law” (a great title!) at the University of Toronto. This year, I am pleased to have accepted a position as “Visiting Professor of Law” at the Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo. Circumstances permitting, I will travel to Ecuador in 2021 to teach a course on contemporary constitutionalism.




This week, the IFFC begins a new course on Constitutional Amendment in Constitutional Democracies, featuring registrants from over 15 countries. 


And here at The University of Texas at Austin, I am entering the second week of the semester. I have 50 excellent students in my first-year course on Constitutional Law. 




As always, I welcome your suggestions for collaborations and new programs.


Richard Albert








The Global Summit

All students and scholars are welcome to The Global Summit in Constitutionalism to present papers and ideas at our multilingual and multidisciplinary virtual conference. One of the plenary speakers will be Professor Rosalind Dixon (UNSW). 


Watch this short video to learn what Professor Dixon has planned for her plenary lecture at The Global Summit. Scroll down for details on how to register.



Do More Codified Rights = Better Democracy? 


No. Constitutions are not self-enforcing. Rights protection requires political will, strong institutions, and a culture of the rule of law. No country in the top 10 for codified rights ranks in the top 10 for the quality of democracy.



The Call for Papers is available in six different languages: Chinese (Simplified) or (Traditional), English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. Submissions are welcome in any of these languages.


How to Submit a Paper or Panel

Plenary Speakers

Erin Delaney (USA)
Northwestern University
*Keynote Speaker*

Jack Balkin (USA)
Yale University

Cora Chan (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong University

Rosalind Dixon (Australia)
The University of New South Wales

Berihun Gebeye (Ethiopia)
University of Göttingen

Tom Ginsburg (USA)
University of Chicago

Menaka Guruswamy (India)
Supreme Court of India

Ran Hirschl (Canada)
University of Toronto

David Landau (USA)
Florida State University

Eneida Desiree Salgado (Brazil)
Federal University of Paraná

Stephen Tierney (United Kingdom)
Edinburgh University

Se-shauna Wheatle (Jamaica)
Durham University


Register here.


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Richard Albert

Richard Albert

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The mission of the International Forum on the Future of Constitutionalism is to marshal knowledge and experience to build a world of opportunity, liberty, and dignity for all.