Did you know..


  Full Moons can bring you closer to your Daughter?

Full Moons are…

An invitation to let go and rebirth.


Opportunities to forgive and reflect on what has been holding you back.



 looking inward is the first step to creating that dream relationship with your daughter.


On the night of the full moon or a few days before or after



 Light a white candle



Write down 5 limiting beliefs that are preventing you from advancing into that dream relationship with your daughter. Or maybe, limiting beliefs that are stopping you from showing up as your highest self as a mother.


E.g. ‚ÄúMy daughter is too much like her father and is never going to change‚ÄĚ 


‚ÄúI‚Äôm too busy right now to give her what she needs‚ÄĚ




Now turn each statement into a positive one...even if you don‚Äôt believe it quite yet Mama! 


e.g. ‚ÄúMy daughter is growing and changing and learning with every new experience‚ÄĚ 


‚ÄúEverything always works out for me in perfect timing‚ÄĚ




Now, burn  the ‚ÄúOld Beliefs‚ÄĚpaper with the candle. Imagine them dissolving from your being as well. 


Be intentional.




Read the new statements to yourself for the next 16 days or more. 


Post them in places where you will remember to read them e.g. As screen savers, in your favourite book etc.


Others things you can do….

Stay Grounded..

The Full moon is a Ying energy. Which means emotions run high. Take off your shoes in the house or in a park and connect with the earth. 

Hug a Tree for goodness sakes!

The Full Moon is a Purifier…

Leave a glass of water in the moonlight and drink it slowly and consciously the next day.

Try an Energetic Bath…

Set up an Energetic Bath Ritual, Using Star Anise, and other uplifting ingredients from around the house. 


Hit reply to this message and I will send you the recipie for  the  Elixir!

Et Voila!

If all you have time to commit to is one of the above, that‚Äôs okay! 

There is a lot going on in your day Mindful Mama, so forgive yourself.. and then congratulate yourself for making it that far!

With love, 



My Passion is You, Mama! 



illanith benjamin is a holistic wellness coach whose passion is connecting mothers to a loving space within themselves in order to have a more profound connection with their teenage daughters.