“The most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

-Leo Tolstoy

A Note From Clare

Dear Families,

Whether we were ready or not, the year has started and we are learning, growing, changing and reimagining where our skills can take us. This year is fully offering us the ability to practice the magic of growth mindset. This mindset comes with the gritty work of failing, mistakes, and being challenged with a daily mentality to try again. Right now, I know we can learn from the children. How adaptable they are, the joy they ignite and spread to one another, and how willing they are to try new things. I have walked down the empty hallway during the day and heard our kindergarten teachers singing to children on the computer, seen our primary and middle teachers working tirelessly to pack student material bags and collaborate with one another, and watched our upper team continue to explore the rigor that age is ready for; all while teachers are managing a new platform. I have sat in parent board meetings where everyone is wearing a mask late at night to discuss what is best for our school. We have seen parents juggle work schedules, develop learning pods, create learning spaces in homes (in unique spaces) and in general… selflessly, take more time for others. Together we will make it a great year and I am excited for the learning ahead.


The Scoop has a new fresh look. Inspired by the natural colors that we love to place in our classrooms. You will receive communication twice per month and individual emails as necessary. As I close I want to share my personal belief  that parents are the first and most important teacher of the child. Thank you for fully investing in Chugach's whole child education. I can't wait to see all the new ways we find to come together, enrich this journey, and grow stronger.


Warm Regards,


Important Dates to Remember


Thursday, September 3:
Virtual Community Assembly Meeting 

(7-8:30 p.m.)

Monday, September 7
No School, Labor Day Holiday

*At this time our traditional school gatherings are cancelled due to our 

"High Risk Status" with COVID-19.

*Please refer to our website calendar for dates specific to grade levels or clubs*

News From Our School

Student Voice

Harper Forbes


HI! My name is Harper Forbes. I am in Teresa Eckel's class. Clare recently asked me to write in the scoop, and I couldn't pass up the offer. To start off my article, I would just like to say that all parents, teachers, and fellow students have been working so hard to adjust to the changes of life this year.  I just wanted to remind you that we are all in this together, and you are not alone. Sometimes it is hard for me to remember, and I have to admit, I have been kind overwhelmed by all of this. What helps me calm down is to settle down in my nook with a book, or a notepad, and just take a break. Take deep breaths. Even though it is very brief, it definitely helps. I miss seeing humanity buzzing and saying hi. I miss high fives and hugs. I miss seeing smiling faces (not online, but in person - even though that still makes me happy!) I am so excited we are finally back to school. I miss normal school... but this is progress. Online learning is hard because you can't really feel the rush of energy-both learning energy and restless energy- as you can in a classroom, with 20 something kids surrounding you. I would be very impressed if someone has that energy coursing through them on zoom!I am going to leave you with some positive words. There will be light after dark. Always remember that. Just, someday when we aren't six feet apart. 🤗


If you would like to submit a student entry for the Scoop, please let the office know. This can include a video, written submission or an artistic expression to share with our community.




We still have over 300 missing library books from 2019/2020. Other students are excited to read them.Please return them during our Tuesday & Thursday curbside service from 11:30-1:00.If they are lost, please contact Amy to make a plan!



If you have a planned absence, please email your classroom teacher and Suzanne (boots_suzanne@asdk12.org)



Curbside Pick-up is every Tuesday + Thursday. This will be a time where library books can be picked up and returned. In addition, teachers may also use this time to get families materials.




Remote Learning Tip

Encourage your child to have all of their personal needs met before they get on Zoom. 

This means using the restroom, eating their snacks/lunch, etc. Being “minds on” takes focus, preparation only helps us be more successful!


A great article for parents from our friends at Common Sense Media, 

“Why the Best Parent Control is You” 

New Spirit Wear


Masks & Totes are being created. We can't wait to show you! We are working toward an online store


Get 'em


Zooms with Clare

This is an organic time to connect. Depending on interest It can become more structured & longer. I hope you join me for a few minutes!

 I miss the children and all of our parents!

Student Zoom: 9-9:30 a.m.

 Parent Zoom 9:30-10 a.m.


Meeting ID: 986 9320 4720

Password: Chickens

ParentBook Club


We are going to be offering an adult book club for the  book, White Fragility. If you would like to participate, please email Clare. The times and dates will be decided once we have a list of who is interested.It will take place via Zoom. Books will be provided. We hope to set this up within the next few weeks.


 White Fragility by Robin DiAngleo








We can do this!

News From Our District

The Anchorage School District Communications team is working hard to provide current and up-to-date information on the district website. Please go to that site for any questions about our COVID-19 response, information to download the ASD App, and more. If you have feedback or need additional support for any resources, do not hesitate to reach out to our school directly (742-3730).


Thank You to Our School Business Partners

*We are still looking for additional business partners *