We are elated to invite you to Awakening Humanity's Sacred Heart, a weekend retreat with Gabrielle Young, Sasha and Shams Teh. 


Oct 9-11, Sedona Arizona


Awakening Humanity's Sacred Heart Retreat


Sasha Teh

Sasha Teh, a womb priestess from Nola (New Orleans), will be sharing the teachings of the divine creation portal within womens circles.

Shams Teh

Shams Teh, a healer from Australia, will invoke the spirit of the drum and guide us to a deeper awareness of the natural world. He will also hold a mens circle to create space for vulnerability, fun and laughter within the brotherhood of man.


Through light transmissions of the living word of mystics such as Rumi, Lalla and Hafiz, Gabrielle will guide us in an exploration of ~


π“‚€ The Direct Way: Alchemical Journey with the Beloved

π“‚€  Opening the Neural Hologram of the Heart:

cultivating himma, spiritual creative energy of the inner heart

and the gift of intensity and immensity at the core of our being.

π“‚€ Opening new individual and collective Dimensions of the Soul

π“‚€ Embodying the Clear Science of Mystical Consciousness and why this is so important

π“‚€ The Larger Picture and Playground, Cosmic Birthing and Humanity's Rite of Passage

π“‚€ Regenerative Power of Higher Harmonics

π“‚€ And More!


Woven in-between these sacred transmissions will be ~


β˜₯ Mens and womens gatherings ~ divine feminine/masculine and sacred union

β˜₯ Silent Meditation amongst the Red Rocks

β˜₯ Breathwork

β˜₯ Sound Healing

β˜₯ Drum Circle and Dance

Retreat price $425


A deposit of $200 can be made to Please write Sacred heart on your deposit 

The Sacred Heart event will take place over the weekend of October 9th-11th, starting Friday evening at 6pm through Sunday mid-day, at Changleska, our private property in Sedona.

All meals included.  


Please Note~ This will be a social distancing event and all activities will be held outside and or in a well ventilated large tent.




With Love & Grace,


Gabrielle, Sasha and Shams