SEPT 13,2020 


Hello Friends!



Hello Ladies!

OK, so Summer Beth is about to go prancing into the sunset. 

I've fought it every step of the way, but with the cooler tempts and the fact that #3 (finally) goes back to school tomorrow (actually Tuesday, because he only actually “goes” to school on Tues and Fri),  I've come to grips with the fact that SUMMER IS OVER. 

And I've decided I'm ok with that. Sort of. 

The good news is that close friends have a place in my favorite spot on earth until mid-October, so I hope to stretch things out by sneaking down to visit them.  I'm also going to Jersey for 2 days this week to see my BFF Jamie (of FlirtyFinds) so I can't wait to hang with her. We always come up with the best ideas together, and have one brewing at the moment…🍮

I hope your final days of summer were fun and that you're ready for FALL and whatever 2020 has in store for us! 😳🤔😁


Now for the latest from B.Styled....

It's here, and better than ever! 

And to quote B.Styled original - and fan favorite, Martie Byrd:

"Now more than ever, we need fun, sisterhood, and to look cute, 

damn it."



Also, the live round of the Closet Edit program was 2 weeks ago, but you can jump in and do it yourself ANY.TIME. And as mom says, “there's no time like the present.” 

Pour yourself something yummy and GET HER DONE. Cheers! 






 Outfit Ideas

Lots of ideas to share to help you transition your favorite SUMMER pieces into FALL over on Facebook and Instagram. Here are few: 



New Feature on the B.Styled Website! 


That's it for today!  

Remember, even if you don't have to it anyway!

..and be well! 


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