Weekly Newsletter

September 2020 vol. 2


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Our Laying Hens 

Part 3

The Homegirls

We've covered the Roseanne Collective and the Introverts - now I'd like to introduce the Homegirls. These girls are the industrious and faithful members of the flock. They obligingly lay in the designated nesting area and they share the space without too much drama. While the Rosanne Collective considers them narrow minded and conventional for choosing to nest where asked, and the Introverts are dismayed by their lack of decorum (laying their eggs in full view), these hens aren't bothered. They love life here on the farm and would rather spend their days bustling around the barn and fields snatching up yummy bugs and finding tasty grass and grains  than worrying about what others think. The only animals they consider beneath them are those pesky newcomers, the turkeys. 

Our turkeys have graduated to full-day free ranging and are intermingling with the laying hens. It's been interesting watching the two flocks work out a new hierarchy, and that work won't end anytime soon. Right now, the hens are able to drive off any turkey that happens to find something tasty and claim the prize. Even Rocky the Rooster, as affable as he is, puts the newcomers in their place on a regular basis. But soon the turkeys will be larger and more dominant than the hens - especially the males. I'll keep you posted!



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