welcome to our first newsletter

Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020


Hello everyone! 


This is New Paltz Travel’s first newsletter from the virtual office. It has been a very long six months for me. I have spent the time canceling air tickets, packages, tours, cruises and insurance for so many of you. Finally nearing that finish line has been exhausting, but invigorating in a lot of ways.


I’ve had three different office spaces over the past 28 years and held regular office hours Monday-Saturday. After 9/11, I had to cut hours to keep my staff in place and the business operational. After a time, staff members retired, moved away and went on to other careers. I adapted by moving to a smaller office and adapted once more when the building was sold and I had to quickly find another spot. I’ve spent 5 years at 43 N. Chestnut St. and have been very happy there. It has been important to me, in a professional capacity, to keep regular office hours and an office to meet with my customers. 


All things in life change and I have always looked forward to change. COVID-19 has dramatically impacted my business, and that is an understatement! The news is that the building I’m in will have a new tenant and I will go completely virtual by the end of September. Without the physical office space, I want to assure you my communication remains open. My phone, 845-255-7706, is in my computer and I use a headset now. I have a video conferencing setup and I can also receive texts at 845-255-7706 as well. The email address info@newpaltztravel.com remains the same.


Rachel Muller is my intern this semester. She attends SUNY New Paltz and is a journalism major. We are each working remotely and speak by phone, video conferencing, text and email. Rachel will run the newsletter for me as well as handle social media. Actually, I’ll be helping her! As I said, all things change and change is good!


Our hope is this newsletter will keep us all connected and keep you informed on my life and the latest travel news. Occasionally we'll throw in some offers for future trips, like the cruises below. Finally, make sure to click the button below to listen to my first short podcast.


Today's featured image: Gridlock in Lapland!


until next time, Colleen

your #VeryHappyTravelAdivsor