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The name gives it away, it’s all about complexion! The serum is effective against pigmentation spots and designed to even complexion and reduce redness. 
When we use complexion care liposomes plus the overall focus and wanted outcome is lighter and even skin tone.  

2 Hero ingredients make this possible.

Tranexamic acid and niacinamide. Tranexamic acid is a pharmaceutical agent, used in the medical field as a reliable hemostatic agent. This means it’s used to control bleeding in trauma patients. In the medical cosmetics this essential agent is used in skin care treatments.

Transexamic acid is a synthetic compound to the amino acid lysine and is created very cleverly together with vitamin B3. It’s potent in small doses and through the native phosphatidylcholine (formulated in the famous DMS structure) the transexamic acid, penetrates more efficient in the skin instead through combination of instrument based techniques in the likes of Iontopheresis.  

It’s so potent that it can be used on it’s own as a tyrosinase inhibitor (tyrosinase is the process that accelerates the production of pigment in the skin) that other actives vitamin C and E aren’t needed to give it a simultaneous effect. The benefits carry through to reducing the redness of the superficial blood vessels.
Tranexamic acid and niacinamide work in synergy. Vitamin B3 isn’t a tyrosinase inhibitor but prevents the melanin transfer between the keratinocyte and melanocyte. Vitamin B3 increases ceramics and free fatty acid in the skin needed for moisturising, protection free radicals and healthy cell function. 

Besides preventing pigmentation and promoting even complexion, rosacea skins will also benefit tremendously. Not only because of the reduction of redness of capillaries but vitamin B3 reduces inflammation. If we combine this with actives such as azaleic acids and boswellic acids we can influence the p acne bacteria that is predominant in rosacea and acne skins leading to rejuvenating and revitalising the skin tone and texture.  
Higher risk for pigmentation or vascular damage is dependant on your photo type, and can be accelerated by external influences such as cosmetic and medical history, nutrition etc. topicals/internals with photosensitising substances etc.. Adequate skin care in the means of prevention and supportive ingredients is invaluable and of the essence. Giving your skin the right combination in terms of ingredients and actives to correct, treat and strengthen your skin is vital.

Complexion Care Liposomes Plus - An intensive skin care for the pigmented and rosacea skin. Works preventative and stabilises the superficial capillaries. Improves skin barrier defence and hydration! 




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