An educational experience for learning the art of self love to learn more about who you are and believing in yourself to achieve your dreams—

What's it about?

defining your unique voice
and conveying
it visually. And knowing and believing the importance of your own self worth


Hi First name / friend

I wanted to personally invite you to join the waitlist for working with me as your self love consultant.. I totally respect and understand how it’s challenging to talk about how you feel about yourself and your self worth. You are not alone. 

The Learning of the Art Of Self love program will transform the way that you approach talking about yourself and empower you to talk about yourself with kindness and compassion.

By joining this program, you will:
1. Learn proven strategies that will take your belief and your mindset about yourself the next level.
2. Have access to resources and techniques created by me. .
3. Connect with a community of likeminded women.

Let me know if you’re interested in joining the waitlist to work with me. The opportunity to work with me will be available in 2021. It's first come first serve. I would love to welcome you and have the opportunity to work with you, 


Kristi Menso