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hey there, friend!

This morning, I was listening to a piece of music I had never heard before, while doing some fiddly focused photoshop work.  It was an intermezzo, and I was struck that something that literally means “in between” was the perfect term for the way things feel right now.  Neither here nor there, we're in the middle chapters, waiting for whatever comes next.  


I find myself preparing for the next 6-8 weeks like I used to prepare for the challenging annual events we endured at my old company.  Planning everything out (making sure to include enough downtime to balance all the hard work), setting attainable goals in the first place (one thing per day maximum), and making sure my favorite chocolate bars were fully stocked.  Also, remembering that I can only control what I can control, and stressing about things outside my reach helps no one. It's a little like preparing for a Hurricane: prepare for the worst, make sure you have plenty of snacks, and sleep as much as possible before the storm arrives. 


So make your endurance plans now. Stock up on your favorite chocolate and hydrate! Rest when you need to and remember to enjoy the little things.


This Twitter thread turned instagram post about the 6 month mark actually made me feel better about the way I've been feeling lately. As did this quick search on Pinterest because Puppies, watching  the behind the scenes of Zendaya winning an Emmy, and a reminder that Fat Bear Week is almost here!


Here are few other things that have helped me get through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.



This was a surprise!  Sherwin-William's color of the year for 2021 was Urbane Bronze.  A color I love (and which I've used in my own house on a wall of bookcases) because it's so versatile!  It goes with everything, and can make any surface look sophisticated.  I used it as a dark grey in my house, but depending on the light it will also read really brown - it's like the darkest chocolate neutral. I love it!

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