SEPT 27, 2020 


Hello Friends!



Hello Ladies!

Last weekend, I opened with “it's freezing”, and this weekend summer returned with warmer temps and bright sunshine. I have to say, I prefer the latter. 


I'm getting into a groove with my empty-ish nest (down to one, rarely home high school senior) and have been on a TEAR going through closets and purging. It's something I've been thinking about doing for years, but after taking Carol Perlman's “It's About Time!” Time Management Course, I'm finally making real progress. 

I schedule two, one-hour de-cluttering sessions in my planner each week and have a running list of areas in the house to tackle. 

I'm getting so much satisfaction out of crossing things off the list. 

Yesterday it was the linen closet, which was a verifiable 💩show, and now is a masterpiece of organization;) 

I even learned how to fold a fitted sheet and make little packets of sheet sets, thanks to this nice girl on YouTube.  

It only took me 54 years.


Now for the latest from B.Styled....

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There's still time to join the Fall 2020 Style System! Registration closes on September 30th. 

And if you're thinking to yourself, “why in the world do I need help with getting dressed this fall especially?” 

I would argue that now more than ever we need to pay attention to the small daily habits that make a big impact. And what you put on your body each day does have an impact, whether you're going out into the world, or staying home. 


Learn the best styles and cuts for your body, your life and your personal taste. You'll also learn how to easily make great outfits from your closet, reduce/eliminate impulsive shopping, and get outfit idea sent to you each day to eliminate the guesswork.

And we'll have some good, clean fun too;) 

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Send me a message once your cart is ready, and before you check out, and I'll  take 10% off your order between now and October 1st. 


That's it for today!  

Remember, even if you don't have to it anyway!

..and be well! 




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