October 4, 2020 


Hello Friends!



Hello Ladies!

How are you on this fine sunny Sunday? This is a happy day for me as it's the 22nd anniversary of my becoming a MOM. My first baby was born on 10/4, 22 years ago. 

Bill and I met him in Newport for lunch on the water; the perfect way to spend the day! 

Hard to believe that this little cutie has grown up to be a full grown M.A.N. 

So proud of him.



Now for the latest from B.Styled....

We're 3 days into the #justgetdressed Challenge portion of the Fall Style System and it's so fun seeing the various interpretations of the daily outfit. This post from Friday though truly MADE MY DAY and perfectly illustrates the reason I love what I do: 

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I recently just developed a 1:1 Concierge Service addition to the Style System, perfect if you're looking for more personalized help and attention. And it also includes a Wardrobe Management Tool with your own Virtual Closet along with my advice and coaching. 

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That's it for today!  

Remember, even if you don't have to #justgetdressed....do it anyway!

..and be well! 




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