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  Hello Keith County!

You're invited to participate in the upcoming 

Keith County Community Vision Planning Focus Discussions. 

Throughout 2020, our community has been gathering input and sharing ideas among stakeholders. During this process, three key themes have emerged as priorities here in Keith County: early childhood development, housing development, and first impressions / curb appeal. 


As a next step, we want to dive in a bit more to each of these topics and create a collective vision for forward progress. Your expertise, outlook, and ongoing commitment are valued during this process! 

By participating in a Focus Discussion, you will have the opportunity to:


1. Learn why each theme is important for our community and about efforts that are currently underway.

2. Share your experience and insight with other community influencers to help prioritize projects.

3. Engage in our community's success as we work collaboratively towards our collective vision.


This is your community - together, we can be “action heroes”!

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Join us for the second focus group discussion on Early Childhood Development as we begin to prioritize shared goals, identify a “big easy” for Keith County, and define roles for specific early childhood development projects.

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Senator Matt Williams will help kick-off our first housing development discussion, sharing why housing an important part of a thriving community in rural Nebraska. Join us to learn more about past projects, the 2017 Keith County Housing study, housing efforts that are currently underway, and future opportunities for our communities.

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Appearance creates perception, which is why making a good first impression is so important for community vitality. Jennifer McKeone with Cozad Development Corporation will share first-impression realities and how the community of Cozad has come together to revitalize entrance corridors. We will then discuss past, current and future revitalization needs and opportunities here in Keith County. 



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Together in community,


Keith County Area Development and

Keith County Foundation Fund

with support and facilitation from

Nebraska Public Power District and

Nebraska Community foundation

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