A few months ago, I was standing in front of my closet admiring the clothes I've made for wearing out and about.


Going to a friend’s barbeque? I can put together a good handful of me-made looks.


How about a concert? Oh yeah, got that covered, too.


But, as I was standing there getting ready for my day...which would take place 100% within the 4 walls of my home... what did I have to wear?


It was basically a rotation of a few pajamas, some old tshirts and various (stretched out) leggings.


My soft bras normally reserved for yoga had long taken the place of the underwires. Because comfort.


Image 1


And I realized the way we dress has changed.


Over the months of adjusting to a new routine at home, I was wearing less and less of my “outside” clothes but my “inside” clothes had become almost an after thought. And not a reflection of my style or personality. 


Because a day here or there wearing saggy leggings and tshirts is ok, but days upon days of it were affecting how I felt, my mood, and my confidence.


Clothes have the power to change the way we feel, and I needed an uplift.


Over the last few months, I’ve been working on just that!


I put together a collection of patterns for styles that I wanted to wear at home - practical but also pretty.


The mood:

Image 1


Sewing beautiful loungewear and playing with all the interesting fabrics, laces, trims and even elastics gave my sewing and design skills a creative boost and stretch. 


Through testing, I’ve been making underwear, soft bras, 90's inspired “sweats” with lace insets down the side of the leg, a cami and a romper with adjustable straps, a nightshirt with gorgeous lace, and of course, a cozy robe with piping detail.


Image 1

Along with the patterns, I’m developing a new sewing course teaching those advanced skills.


And here’s why I’m writing. I’ve been pretty heads down the last several months working on this. 


While I know what I’m creating is aligned with my mission to help sewists uplevel their sewing skills while creating clothes that express your personality at home...I want to make sure what I’m creating is the best it can possibly be.


So my burning question for you today is...what’s the one question you have about sewing loungewear or lingerie that absolutely positively must be inside a course like this?


Hit reply and let me know.


with love, Christine