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I recently recorded a mini-podcast with a friend where we swapped tips, tricks, and hacks for surviving our new normal. From that one conversation, I walked away with several ideas and one reminder -  life isn't meant to be done alone.   


One of the minor challenges I've struggled with during this quarantine is B-o-r-e-d-o-m.  There are plenty of things I need to do (e.g., clean up, organize, work, write, fold, etc.), but I'm talking about finding things that I WANT to do. Replacing my social life in a not-so-social world has been tough, but I've learned a ton by talking with and learning from others who are feeling the same.  


Feeling bored? I got you. Ideas ahead! 


1. Picnic in the Park. Pick up food along the way, spread out a blanket, play cards, throw a frisbee, or just relax and people watch. I've easily spent 2-3 hours laying in the grass, soaking up the sun, and NOT in front of the TV.  


2.  Walk & Listen. I try to walk 30-minutes a day (a relatively new habit). I was inspired by Girl Trek's Black History Bootcamp. Each day two friends discuss a figure in Black History while walking and we get to listen in. While walking, I'm especially fond of my new Asics Gel sneakers (I'm not getting paid for this reference - at least not yet) - they're seriously like pillows for your feet. If not this podcast, find another one you love and hit the streets.  


3.  TALK About Politics. You read it right. While consuming politics via TV and social media is exhausting, talking with real people about politics can be awesome - especially if they have a different perspective. In the last few weeks, I've had several conversations that have shown me why people feel so differently right now. Not saying we agreed, but it was helpful to hear the perspective from a REAL person, not someone on TV who is trying to rile you up to keep you watching (See the Social Dilemma on Netflix if you don't think the media's discord is intentional).  


4.  Get Artsy.  This is the perfect time to explore your artistic side. Try out an instrument, do a virtual painting class, color, do a puzzle, or take some drawing lessons. Since the quarantine began, I've colored, copied Vashti Harrison's drawings through her Instagram lessons, and taken guitar lessons with a friend (picture above). Learning and practicing are great ways to decompress and pass the time.     


5. Become a Better Person. We all have character flaws. What a great time to work on them! (I'm serious). One I've been working on is becoming less offendable. Long story of how I got there, but a book that helped me a lot is called Unoffendable by Brant Hansen. It's eye opening, challenging, and hilarious all at the same time. Development doesn't have to be an energy-suck. Use the extra time to explore an area of your character you want to improve and get after it.  


6.  When All Else Fails there are plenty of things to watch on TV. I used to hate TV, but recently I have found SO many good things to watch. A few of my recent faves are The Social Dilemma on Netflix, Chicago PD (every season), Cobra Kai (kitschy and many times in poor taste, but pretty funny), and reruns of A Different World, Martin, and In the Heat of the Night (Sparta, MS never disappoints).


Have some boredom hacks to share? Puh-lease pass them along! I would LOVE to hear from you and we may do a part 2 email in a few weeks with more ideas from the community. 


Happy Thursday!  


P.S. The recording of the Humble, Diligent, & Wise Bible Study is now available! This was a fun and interactive conversation on how to operate with wisdom in a topsy-turvy world. Enjoy!


xo, Arlene

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