I’m Christi Barbour, founder and partner of Barbour Spangle Design in High Point, North Carolina. Participating in the One Room Challenge is particularly special this year with the focus on #HPMkt. Based in High Point, our office is just blocks away from the epicenter of market showrooms and activities. Plus, we have been designing High Point market showrooms for over 20 years which gives us a unique and early view of all things market related. 


In addition to showroom design, we have a team of commercial and residential designers. Think of BSD as 3 design studios under one roof. Our multidisciplinary design team of 12 thrives on collaboration, so our approach to ORC is no different. I’m collaborating with our Creative Director, Bri, on our design.


I’m Bri Verstat, and as Christi mentioned, I’m the Creative Director at BSD and have been with the team for 18 years. My background is primarily in showroom and commercial design, and I can’t wait to flip the script and explore High Point Market for our ORC space.


Christi and I make the perfect pair for this challenge. Our studio is at a unique intersection of design between residential and showroom. You may be thinking “how does showroom design translate to one residential room?” Easy. As showroom designers, we have to understand the needs of the buyers and their home; where these products will ultimately land.


Enough about us… let’s get to the fun part, Design!



In our initial design consult, Rhett & Lauren described how they were struggling with the layout of their bedroom. There were two focal points: the fireplace and large windows with a view of the lake. They wanted to highlight both, without one overpowering the other.


Rhett & Lauren described an intimate room that felt luxurious and layered but not overdone. Their personalities lean toward modern and clean;  for their High Point home we created a clean and neutral design. Since they didn’t want a carbon copy of that bedroom, we agreed this master suite provided the perfect opportunity to try something entirely different. Rhett & Lauren shared with us during the site visit that they were overwhelmed about this large white box that was currently the master bedroom; but we were inspired with the blank slate, and were ready to guide our couple through the design process!

If you’ve worked with us before, you know that we draw inspiration from anything from a piece of artwork, to nature, to a homeowner’s personal treasure. The inspiration for Rhett & Lauren’s master bedroom was a bit more...organic. As we were leaving the site visit, Bri noticed a moth on the wall, in between bricks on the home.


The shades of green and black caught our eye for the palette in the master bedroom. Check back next week for progress on our Mod-Moth Master Bedroom.

Christi    +   Bri

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Just like Rhett & Lauren, we’d love to design a space that feels like you! From full-service to our e-design service, The Edit, we have solutions for every budget. The Edit has been the go-to for our clients during the pandemic for a space refresh. To learn more about The Edit visit the link below. Or if you’re inspired by Rhett & Lauren’s journey, schedule a call to tell us about your One Room Challenge.