October 8th, 2020

hey y'all!** welcome to the unfolding, a bi-weekly newsletter curated from the heart with reflections for you and I, events and gatherings, and gems to witness

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things have been truly shifting this month for me. i am deepening my work both as giver and receiver. the empowerment and shifting i offer others is the same medicine i give to myself, cus nobody tryna take from someone who isn't living what they offer.


as i tune into my empowerment and inner authority - the personal knowing that allows me to define who and how i want to be in the world - the way i do things must honor that too. 


so i've decided that the unfolding will shift to a bi-weekly newsletter. at the start of each month you will receive details on all the gatherings, events, and things to check out, like this one. the later email will be more intimate, a reflection piece (written and audio) to expand your self-discovery and tune in with me. there may also be sprinkles here and there of major things happening, however i'll make sure to get your consent with those!


if you would only like to receive the beginning of the month events-focused email, you can claim that here: https://www.iamyasminmarrero.com/opting 

don't worry, i'll still love ya!


events & gatherings

radical moments to be present with ourselves and likehearted folks.

keeping it simple this month of transition with just one!


Next Sat. Oct 17th, 1pm CT

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Connect & Cultivate: BIWoC empowerment circle 
a 75-minute softly guided circle for Black, Indigenous, &/or women of color to replenish, process, and honor the best version of ourselves while sharing sistering energies.



gems to check out

people, experiences, and words that are worth checking out

- Kelsey Blackwell - a remarkable somatic coach and writer - is offering this 5-week program focused on somatic decolonization for WoC. “Womxn of color possess a rich and intrinsic wisdom that lives in the bones. Decolonizing then is a practice of intentionally allowing ourselves to trust what we have always known.” #shimmies


- today is the last day to register for the phenomenal Shawna Murray-Browne's Return to Presence, a virtual healing studio for change-making human service professionals ready to remember how to heal themselves. #getintoit


- we're in the middle of InterPlay's Connection: International Week of Play - join any of the many free classes happening to creatively unlock the wisdom of the body. think of it as improv, dance, and play for adults. #intothebody



No matter what you are facing and how you are feeling, I know one thing is true:

You are worthy of a full, well and whole life.

May you be empowered all ways & always.


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**curious as to why I may have omitted capitalization? - lucille clifton inspired me.

"Standard English… is the language of conquest and domination; in the United States, it is the mask which hides the loss of so many tongues, all those sounds of diverse, native communities we will never hear...we create the ruptured, broken, unruly speech of the vernacular... There, in that location, we make English do what we want it to do. We take the oppressor’s language and turn it against itself. We make our words a counter-hegemonic speech, liberating ourselves in language.” - bell hooks taught me. & more here.