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Lets root for each other and watch each other grow!

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A Note From Clare

Dear Families,


I am wishing you all well. I wanted to change things up for this Scoop and I created a short video.


Video: Click Here


Please reach out if you need anything. 


Warm Regards,




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Important Dates to Remember

Friday, October 23

Inservice Day, No School


Wednesday, October 28

Parent Meeting from 12-1 p.m. with Special Guests

Topic: Airflow and Sanitation of the Building  (see flyer below for Zoom link)


Chugach Educational Corporation Meeting

7-8:30 p.m.


Monday, November 16

K-2 Student Return-- 9:30-3 p.m.

Intermediate Staff will Review Zoom Times if adjustments need to be made


*At this time our traditional school gatherings are cancelled due to our 

"High Risk Status" with COVID-19.

*Please refer to our website calendar for dates specific to grade levels or clubs*

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Big Simple and Fall Auction this year are rolled into one: Super Simple!

Each fall, Chugach has our annual classroom fundraiser, called Big Simple and a Fall Auction to fund enrichment. The pandemic has ruled out an auction, so our effort is a combined ask in hopes of supporting our school in these ever changing times. In past years, the suggested donation was $90 per child for the classroom and an additional $92 per child was raised by selling donated items at our fall auction. We know with COVID-19 there are economic hardships. We ask families to consider this year giving what you can, even if that is $5. If you are not able to give, we understand that too.


At our recent Community Assembly Meeting we funded a reduced budget with reserves from previous years, but do anticipate additional needs and want to make sure we can approach the 2021-22 school year in a good financial position. We are keeping it Super Simple this year! Donate what you can, when you can and help support Chugach Optional!


Chugach Educational Corporation is organized under IRS code section 501(c)3 as a tax-exempt public charity. Your donations to the Super Simple fundraiser are tax deductible to the extent of the current tax law.

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Parent Design Team Update

The attached photo is an example from primary teacher, Celeste Long's classroom.

We are lucky to have a number of parents with expertise in medicine, design, building and research on our team to help assist with the building of barriers to be used in reconfigured classrooms when we return to school. 


Barriers are not required, but are being used widely in school settings in Anchorage, across the US and internationally. The CDC has recommended barriers for use in many settings where social distancing isn't possible. It has made these recommendations very specifically in retail and manufacturing settings, as well as in school settings. Here is a CDC document about school best practices that lines that out.


Here's the text of the CDC recommendation:


"Install engineering controls, including modifying work areas using physical barriers, incorporating required accessibility requirements, and improving ventilation, where feasible." 


The barriers do not prevent Covid spread. They are just an additional tool to help mitigate spread along with masking, ventilation, social distancing, classroom reconfiguration, handwashing and other health procedures. We know that the disease is spread through aerosolized particles (like when people are singing or shouting), droplets, and through “fomites” or objects or surfaces that can carry infection. 


The architect-made design the parents are working on producing is a single pane of lightweight plexiglass in a very simple base. It is both sturdy and can be easily cleaned. Because of the cost of materials, the cost, per student, for materials is roughy $40, though we are looking at ways to source materials that may reduce cost. Some classrooms may need to add tables for eating and work that can be easily cleaned and allow for barriers to be used. We also are working on funding hepa filters for the few rooms with no exterior windows. 


The barriers can be especially useful during unmasked times when students are eating as a way to stop the transfer of droplets and reinforce social distancing by dividing space, helping with the fomite concern. They are light and extend slightly above children’s heads when they are seated but are not so large as to impede the overall airflow in the classroom. 


Our group began the barrier construction process by interviewing teachers and staff and then did a survey of parents. Parents’ main concerns included being able to effectively social distance in the classroom, and finding ways to reduce transmission between students and between students and teachers. The barrier plan is pointed at these concerns. 


(There are other concerns and needs that teachers and parents have identified. We are working on a subcommittee that might next take on some of these concerns.)


The next step in our process, a team of parents measured the tables available in each classroom, created a CAD drawing of each classroom and developed a budget that would allow for us to buy materials for barriers that we can create ourselves. We are still working both at fundraising and reducing production costs. Another team of parents has been building prototypes and scouting materials. A test prototype should be in the school this week. 


We will begin our work in the kindy and primary classrooms, and look forward to more conversations with parents and teachers. 


If you have not contributed to the Go Fund Me yet, consider it!


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Dear Chugach Parents and Staff,

 It is time to log in and update your account information and directory preferences for the 20/21 school year. Once you have updated your information you will have access to the school directory, sign up to volunteer, the mobile app and much more. 


Here's what you need to do: 

  • Go to
  • Click on the Register/Login button and Login using the same email and password previously created.
  • If you have forgotten your password you can click on "I forgot my password" to reset it.
  • (New FamiliesPlease only create one account per family! See notes below)
  • Click on the Parent/Family and Student Information form and update as needed.
  • Complete the Directory/Publish Preferences.
  • Once these forms are complete, you will see green and white checkmarks.


If you already have an account with another organization that uses Membership Toolkit you can use the same email and password to login. You can then proceed to the numbered steps below.

  • Once the Primary Account is set up, the Primary User can "invite" other email addresses to access his/her account. This allows the Secondary User to have their own login information, but still have access to the family account. Go to "my account" click on "Update my Account" click on the "Access" tab at the top and invite others through "Link others Users to this Account".

Be sure to download the Membership Toolkit App to have access on the go!

Questions? - Please don't hesitate to contact me at



Liz Provencio, Parent & PC Coordinator

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New Swag
If you are interested in purchasing a Canvas bag or mask,

 please contact the office.


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News From Our District

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Thank You to Our School Business Partners

*We are still looking for additional business partners *

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