October 11, 2020 


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We got a little (and probably last) taste of summer weather yesterday, which was a good thing because I'd been feeling the pre-winter blues looming earlier in the week. Call it Corona Fatigue, or just being bummed that summer seemed to end before it even began, but I was finding my mood starting to slip. 

I'm back on track now, and trying to think of ways to keep the colder weather, shorter days, and no vacation to look forward to from getting me down. 

I'm open to suggestions because Halloween candy won't help long term; 

that's for sure;) 

Now for the latest from B.Styled....


We're entering that time of year where it becomes really easy to default to cozy sweatpants and loungewear in the name of hygge. This can be fine some days, but it's also easy to slip into a blur of frump and schlumpadinka-ness when it becomes the norm.


 I loved this post from Fall Style System member Heidi about the benefits of #justgetdressed - even when you don't “have to”. Thx Heidi, for letting me share… 

How great does she look? 👍🏼😍

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I recently just developed a 1:1 Concierge Service addition to the Style System, perfect if you're looking for more personalized help and attention. And it also includes a Wardrobe Management Tool with your own Virtual Closet along with my advice and coaching. 

Click to learn more!


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If there's one thing I've learned from years of helping women simplify stye and get dressed in looks they love, it's that it all starts with wardrobe foundations. When you have those in place, getting dressed is EASY. 

The problem is, these items aren't FUN to shop for. They aren't the bright, shiny objects that catch our eye and make us hit ADD-TO-CART. 

They take work to get right. 

But without them, you'll struggle every day to #justgetdressed. 

That's why I developed the Style System.™ 

Because when you have the foundation built, the rest is FUN and the options for great looks are limitless! 

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That's it for today!  

Remember, even if you don't have to #justgetdressed,

do it anyway!

...And be well! 


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