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hey there, friend!

If you're feeling like an overfilled balloon that's about to pop, you're not alone! 


This week has not been easy here at Chez Sikorski.  A bunch of seemingly little things that in the before times would have been nothing, but in the current state of things, have turned into big stresses: families fighting over holiday health protocols; worrying about screwing up my at-home ballot and making sure it gets delivered; trying to figure out the lowest risk place to get a flu shot; making a plan for Christmas gifts with all the shipping fiascos; wondering who else in the family will have a health scare next; dealing with new grocery store shortages; and on and on an on...


Frankly, everything feels precarious. Brittle. I feel like I'm constantly waiting for the next big drama to take over our lives.


So, in an effort to deflate the balloon a little bit, I'm REALLY latching on to every small moment of joy I can get my hands on.  Such as:

A beautiful zombie walk in the park.

The most adorable Ratatouille cosplay I've ever seen.

Learning you get a $5 gift card with your free flu shot, as a treat.

Ridiculous boots I need in my life for no reason other than their beauty.

A very simple request in order to prepare for my day.

A :60 second ballet break.


Here are few other things that have helped me get through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.



TBH, I have a low grade craving for cake preeeeetty much constantly.  But these perfect little single serve layer cakes by cake artist Heidi Holmon of De la Creme Creative Studio in Saint Louis, Missouri are really edging my slight craving into a have to have situation. SO elegant, and so beautifully designed. Check out their site, too, everything they do is incredible - the textures and breadth of styles is amazing!

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Take care of yourself, okay?






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