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We’re back in Miami! Beech (Mountain) or Beach? I posed this question on social media this weekend, and here was my favorite response from Michel Koopman: why choose? Thanks, Michel. 


Transitioning home and navigating through re-entry has been strange. Being between books is strange. Living through COVID-19 even stranger. While I wait on news about book six, Who Is Avery Beckett? I’ve been watching a ton of TV. You’ll see my recommendations below. Reading hasn’t come easily, so this month’s books fell short of my usual count. Tomorrow (Monday), I’ll return to book seven, working title Someday, Later, while I map out the many different plots I’ve come up with in North Carolina.


All that said, this is an intense time with the looming election and the continuing threat of COVID, but let’s try to be kind and respectful to one another. Nothing has a greater impact on our lives than compassion and understanding….or the power to unite our country.


Thanks for being here.


What I've Been Reading and watching...


When I'm Not writing...

Most of you know that I love mentoring writers and assisting them on their journeys. One of the authors featured above is Rebecca Warner. We met at the Miami Book Fair several years ago and formed a fast, meaningful friendship. I’ve watched Rebecca persist through the publishing process, never giving up, always moving forward. That’s why it’s extra thrilling to have read an advance copy of her soon-to-be published novel, My Dad My Dog

Congratulations, Rebecca.


This Month's giveaway...

A friend and reader reached out to me about supporting her son’s children’s book. We are well beyond this stage in our family, however, some of you might be right in the thick of it. So this month’s giveaway is for PETS GO POTTY TOO, the perfect activity book for your little one’s potty training. And pets! You can’t go wrong. I’ll be giving away three (3) copies to those responding about their little ones. 

US only. Winners chosen Friday, October 23rd.

If you don’t ask, you never know what’s possible.

Thanks for reaching out, Kathy.

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