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We are thrilled to welcome our 11th Yahel Social Change Fellowship cohort. 



Special thanks also go to the Rishon Lezion and Lod municipalities and our many community partners and friends for their efforts, tremendous flexibility and assistance in facilitating the arrival and integration of Yahel fellows into Israel and into the community this year.


 Four Yahel fellows in Lod finished their quarantine last week and began volunteering at the Agricultural Farm helping with maintenance and planting. At SAHI they are helping with packing and delivery of food .boxes to families in Lod.


What brought you to Yahel? 

A passion to create positive change through multiple paths, to highlight or bring awareness to various social groups, their experiences whether challenging or successful, and give back to the community.


In one word or short phrase, describe your vision for social change work:

Collaborative. I believe in order to achieve social change we need to work together, educate ourselves and implement as much positive change as one can manage.


What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever visited? 

Abu Dhabi, UAE


What is something new that you learned about your city in the short time that you've been here? 

I’m staying in Lod for my quarantine and will move to Rishon in a few days. I have noticed a strong sense of community. I’ve witnessed small groups of all ages gathering in the park to engage in conversation, eat, play cards and enjoy their time together--which is really beautiful, despite the challenges we are experiencing during this pandemic.



With all of the challenges the pandemic has brought to our industry, we feel truly blessed to be surrounded and supported by a deeply committed and generous community. 


Yahel ran two very successful fundraising campaigns this spring and fall, reaching out to our fabulous Alumni Community and to their parents, family members, friends and our community at large. Together these campaigns raised over $20,000.


These funds are being spent right now on the many adaptations and changes that we are constantly required to make to enable the gradual arrival of Yahel Fellows, modifications to the various service and learning components of our programing this year, stocking and upgrading Yahel apartments to be suitable for quarantine, extra funds for participants who may need to quarantine later in the year and much more. 


As we begin our eleventh year of service-learning programs in Israel, amid Covid-19 and the many setbacks that come with it, we'd like to take this opportunity to simply say THANK YOU! 

Help us ensure that Yahel service-learning programs meet real community needs, especially in the midst of Covid-19.

Want to learn firsthand about our volunteers' experiences on the ground?

Want to learn about the impact of Yahel alumni in their home communities?

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