Welcome to the Challenge

made it.

So glad you’re here


3 week challenge


Hey Ladies


Thank you so much for joining my 3 week challenge I am actually so excited for you all. I am here for you100% so any questions or issues you have make sure you email me to ask me anything.


I know how challenging it is to work out at home but it is the new way forward(for now), I have been working out at home since I was in my teens I never knew it was not normal to do so lol !!


First thing is to plan out your week - these workouts only take 30-40 mins so try fit it in:

 - when you just get in from work

 - on your lunch break from work

 - maybe get up half an hour earlier to do it before work

 - when the baby is napping

 - when the dinner is cooking

 - when the kids are still asleep

 - when the hubby is bathing the kids


I used to put kids into the bath and do my workout on the landing while they played lol, and another rule I had when I was trying to get my fitness back after having my babies was, I wouldn't let myself have a shower unless I had earned it with a good sweaty workout eeeekkkkkk I know I know, sounds a little bit extreme but it worked for me so now its just finding what will work for you. 


Its always hard to start the workout so I use Mel Robins 5-4-3-2-1 rule and once you start and get the first few minutes done you will naturally produce endorphins that will carry you through - you will be so grateful when its done!!


This next 3 weeks I'm here to help you so use me lol any questions or help you need just reach out and I'll answer as best as I can.


Check out my blogs ‘food is medicine’ for food ideas to help get your energy back on track so you can sustain the workouts.


My blog  ‘do home workouts work’ will help you get in the mind frame of working out from home!!


I'll check in again next week to see how you are getting on !! 


I'm so excited to be on this journey with you !!




I just have to say—


No matter how you got here, thank you. Thank you for joining this challenge through these hard times of uncertainty. I just hope that these workouts can help keep you focused on your mental and physical health  xx


Keep an eye on my Qfit and NLC instagrams for more tips and tricks on how to keep focused xx


Lets do this !!

Erica xx