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made it.

So glad you’re here


3 week challenge


Hey Ladies


Thank you so much for joining my 3 week challenge I am actually so excited for you all. I am here for you100% so any questions or issues you have make sure you email me to ask me anything.


I know how challenging it is to work out at home but it is the new way forward(for now), I have been working out at home since I was in my Teens I never knew it was not normal to do so lol !!


You need to plan out your week - these workouts only take 30-40 mins so try fit it in 


 - when the baby is napping

 - when the dinner is cooking

 - when the kids are still asleep

 - when the hubby is bathing the kids

 - when you just get in from work 


One thing I always did when I was trying to loose weight after having babies was, I wouldn't let myself have a shower unless I had earned it with a workout .. I know a little bit extreme but it worked for me so you need to find what will work for you !


Click below for your free recipe guide and once I receive payment of euro50 you will be added to the email list for Week 1 workouts - make sure to put your name and email as reference when making payment


I'm so excited to be on this journey with you !!




And now about that
freebie I promised you

Revlot Euro 50 to 0863242979 

I just have to say—


No matter how you got here, thank you. Thank you for joining this challenge through these hard times of uncertainty. I just hope that these workouts can help keep you focused on your mental and physical health  xx


Keep an eye on my Qfit and NLC instagrams for more tips and tricks on how to keep focused xx


Lets do this !!

Erica xx