Hi First name / lovely, 


I really hope you're doing well. I know that things are getting tougher especially with the new tier changes. I'm feeling it too. I've had to cancel 4 (much needed) date nights with friends, had a very quiet 40th and next week is half term so need to find ways to entertain a 4 year old who is struggling to understand why we can't meet friends again.


However, we all know that we must abide for the greater good so there's not much else we can do. It's important to stay safe but just as important to stay sane!


And that's what I hope I can help with today. I've noticed that we cancel plans too easily online. I do it, I've been a victim of it too but we MUST and I mean that in capitals, we must stick to these plans as much as possible. Or at least, if we need to reschedule, we must reschedule. Why? Because this lack of human connection through being social is having a hugely negative impact on our wellbeing. We simply cannot thrive unless we are social - it is how we are made. 


On my birthday, I had lots of messages and deliveries which really boosted my ego. It also made me feel bad for not connecting with a number of friends whom I miss. I'm not working next week, so I'm going to make plans with as many friends as I can because I need to feed my soul. My family is lovely but I need to feel like me again (not mum, sister, wife or daughter.)


With that said, who could you reach out to today to make plans with?


I hope you do it and do let me know if it made you feel better. I'll let you know next week if I was able to do it and how it made me and my friends feel.


Sending lots of love as always

Puja x