November Newsletter


Creativity is a gift that doesn’t always have an ‘on’ switch, which is why I’ve decided to share some inspiration from our two new Artists for November. 



Joanna Stevens

So excited to have this new artwork arriving into the gallery from the start of November

Jo's has be painting abstracted scenes and memories since trying to capture and understand the link between emotion and visual language as a student. Jo applies oil painting and mixed media through a layering and expressionist process, to try and achieve this intention. She hopes that by removing obvious or to find and experience their own memories and the feelings these evoke.  Jo loves the idea that Art can be cathartic and healing for both the viewer and the artist. 

Check back in next week to hear more about the Artist in conversation with me. 



Hattie Warr


Hattie is studying  Medicine at university which can be really busy, and sometimes a little stressful, so its lovely to have this little creative outlet; the whole process of jewellery making is very relaxing. Check back in on Blog Thursday to hear Hattie and  I in conversation. 


Goodies From the Grid


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