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Hi, First name / reader!


Curses, Lies, and Alibis is STILL growing like a weed.  

I'm not sure why, but I can't seem to stop this story from getting bigger than I planned. It's over 19,000 words now!   


Are you okay with it being bigger? Let me know.


thank you for  READING AND being a part of my life.

xo, c. j.

New From My Author Friends:

Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, & Similar Genres

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True Blood and Harlots meet Game of Thrones in Blood Queen, the thrilling conclusion to Becca Blake's REIGN OF BLOOD adult dark fantasy series.

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Jen L. Grey is a fantastic author and a sweet friend. Earlier this week she discovered that someone had stolen her entire Bloodshed Academy series, recovered it, changed the title, and published it everywhere. She spent a lot of time and energy having to go to each site and ask that it be taken down. The person who stole it, also had a FB page and was running ads on it for the set. It was also gaining a lot of sales and climbing the sale ranks! I'm asking that if you're interested in the series, that you grab ahold of it here. It's even FREE in KU!!


From Book 1: Only the strongest survive ... most of the time

Raven may be a shifter, but she's always felt separate from her wolf. She never knew it should be different. Then, a stranger showed up in her hometown, turning her world upside down and recruiting her for the elite Bloodshed Academy.

Everything she's ever known gets challenged, and Raven found herself in impossible situations. Making matters worse was the fact that one of the strongest alphas at school caught her eye. And he made her feel things she didn't understand.

The school may only recruit the best of the best, the strongest in their world, but there was something more about Raven. When push comes to shove, she had to decide if she's willing to fight for what she's come to love ... or run from a life she couldn't quite accept.

Vampire Diaries meets Daughter of the Moon in YEAR ONE, a steamy academy romance story for readers that love snark and strong alphas.

One-click below to start this academy romance today. Please note that the story is not reverse harem and there are instances of bullying.

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Best Selling Author, Stephanie Kline brings you her new YA Fantasy Series full of wit, humor, fantastical adventures, and surprises around every castle corner.

Between the faces in the ice and the Fae, my life has become something from the pages of a fairy tale... a very dark fairy tale.

With my parent's sudden disappearance one year before, my life changed in rapid succession. The eerie echoes of time past play out in my head on repeat. My quirky grandmother and my pop-culture obsessed best friend seem to be the only things that keep me tethered in the present.

I've created a routine. Work, home, gaming, sleep. Repeat. I'm comfortable in my self-isolation, staring out the window as the rain pours down, wondering where my mom and dad have gone. But what happens when the world opens up and swallows me whole?

What happens when I find myself in a place between worlds, facing a fantastical reality I never knew existed?

What happens when, at the very center of that world, a journey that will decide the fate of the faces in the ice, and a place I never knew as home, rests on my shoulders?

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He’s Deadly. He’s Ambitious. He’s the Enemy.

And he’s made conquering me his goal.


A man is the last thing I need in my life, even an intense alien cyborg who sweeps in to help me in a fight. Blue skin, muscles to die for, steely gaze — it doesn’t matter. I don’t want the complications.

As the security officer on the Ladies’ Choice, I fight my own battles. I shouldn’t be inviting more trouble in, even if Trouble is a badass with a rock-hard six pack, sexy scars, and a tail that does amazing things to me.

Okay, Mykor is tempting. Enough that I consider making an exception for him. Everything about him fits me perfectly… until I discover his implants are forcing him into a mission and will kill him if he fails. A mission to kill a member of my crew.

I won't let him succeed. I can’t let him fail. And Mykor cannot step aside. Somehow, we have to find another option. The only thing we can think of is stupid, risky, and our best hope is that it’s so crazy no one will see it coming.

But if it works, we’ll be together. Forever.

Her Alien Rebel is book two of the Salvaged Hearts Series. Each book is a complete science fiction romance story with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ending guaranteed.


Contemporary Romance & Similar Genres


None today. :)