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hey there, friend!

This week has felt like the strangely quiet days before a hurricane when you've done all you can to prepare and there's nothing left to do but wait.  And wait, and wait, and imagine the worst that could happen.  And then wait some more.


Seriously though, have you made a personal mental health plan to deal with the outcome (or lack thereof) of the election next week?  However it turns out? And WHENEVER it turns out?  PS - If you haven't returned your absentee ballot yet - DON'T MAIL IT!  IT'S TOO LATE! Use the drop box or take it to a polling station!  Laws are being changed to prevent it from being counted. Vote in person if you have to!  If your vote wasn't so important, there wouldn't be such a push to prevent it from counting!  VOTING IS POWER!!!


This wide-spread collective feeling of anxiety is unlike anything I've experienced.  If you've lost all ability to focus, or sleep, or read, or do literally anything productive, you are absolutely not alone.  Nobody is okay right now.  


I'm highly recommending the practice of radical empathy.  We really have no idea what the people in our lives are really dealing with, so it's never been a better time to give grace. Take a breath when the tempers flare, be patient with their responses and be understanding instead of angry. 

Give yourself some grace, too. Take a break if you need it, order the dinner that makes you feel good, watch the trashy TV, reread that novel for the fourth time. Set some realistic goals for yourself - or don't set any goals at all. Comfort when you're able, stay as hydrated as you can, and please, remember to ask for help.

Some other small comforts for me the past few days:

Taking a couple minutes simply to breathe

Doing a quick grounding exercise to settle down.

Seeing Latrice get to vote made the past 2 years of fighting worth it.

Moments like this reminding me why I love baseball so much.

This trailer for Nine Days which looks incredible.

Super Mario Bros. for 3 Cellos

#WINDIANA reminding me why College Football can be fun

Contemplating fancy lounge clothes and fuzzy house shoes.



Here are few other things that have helped me get through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.



Maybe it's the season, but I'm really getting into a dark, homespun glamour vibe.  Ethereal but grounded, dark but natural. Rustic but glamorous. That could be glossy black solid zellige backsplash tiles in a cottage kitchen, an all-black sided exterior with a natural wood door and gas lanterns, or as in this editorial shoot by MyWony gowns, a dreamy black tulle gown with a gorgeous dried bouquet shot by the sea.  So relaxed and lovely, but magical.

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Take care of yourself, okay?





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