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Fam, “Thoughts and prayers” is a term that is so overused that it has lost its significance; yet, you’ve all been in my thoughts and prayers. Before I go to bed and when I wake up, I say a special prayer for you, my Fam.  I know when it seems like life is already giving us too much to bear, we are given more. We are doing as we do - shouldering the burden. But I know your shoulders ache, and your back may be bent. Hang on. Things are going to get better.


In the meantime, I encourage you to find happiness where you can and silence stress when you can.  Here are a few things I’ve been doing to protect my sanity:

  1. I rarely watch the news anymore.
  2. I have a safe-pod of friends. They are people who are living cautiously and similarly to me in the time of Covid. We get together once a week, outside, and socially-distanced for the most part. Without any human interaction, I would be 100% physically safe; but I believe I would suffer mentally.
  3. I watch old tv - from when life was easier and simpler.
  4. I say “no” to things more frequently and easily. I’m living on emotional fumes. I do what I can; what I want to do -- and dat’s it.
  5. I shower. I was waiting until late in the day a lot of days to jump in the shower. I find jumping into the shower early puts me in the mode of “doing” and not just “laying.”
  6. I avoid my “friends” who steal my energy. I don’t have it to spare.
  7. I focus on me and what I can control. When I start to freak out about things, I make my scope very narrow. What can I do in my tiny corner of this world?
  8. I play a lot of music. Certain songs make me feel happy no matter the circumstances.
  9. I give myself grace. I am so gentle with myself. I’ve gained 10-12 pounds; I have days where I get nothing done; I’ve watched more television than I ever have; I haven’t done many of the great things I said I would do during this time. And I am okay with it. I am so okay with it.

Be gentle with yourself Fam, and with everyone around you.



                                                                   WORDS TO LIVE BY


“Get yourself in gear

Keep your stride

Never mind your fears

Brighter days will soon be here

Take it from me, someday we'll all be free."

    — Donny Hathaway


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