Hey First name / friend,


In preperation of setting my 2021 goals, I recently sat down and evaluated the mess that was 2020. 


Well, it came as no surprise to discover that I’ve managed to do very little in 2020. All the goals I set were pre-pandemic. A 9-month pause wasn’t on my radar. Once we went into lockdown some goals didn’t apply at all. Others weren’t practical. And there were projects I just didn’t have the bandwidth for.


My 2020 goals made sense in January. They included participating in seasonal 5ks, refreshing our home, getting my credit card balance to zero, volunteering weekly at my local historical society, posting regular content, launching a youtube channel, creating long-term goals and reinvigorating this website. I’ve done almost none of these. Whoops.


I admittedly have an all or nothing mentality, this strive for perfectionism has driven me to achieve my goals in the past, but it has also worked against me, which was glaringly obvious in 2020. 


Today I am sharing how I am switching gears in 2021 with my goal setting, and what I'll be focusing on instead. 



I’ll be popping into your inbox soon with the actual routines, systems, and habits I am planning to use in 2021.


xo, Jennifer