November 1, 2020 


Hello Friends!



Did you miss me last Sunday? Ha! I'm sure you waited all day for my email, right?🤔 

Well, I'm back today with lots of goodness for you. 

But first, does anyone else feel a bit of excitement mixed with dread as we enter these ( thankfully last) months of 2020? 

I'm nervous about the prospect of being homebound all winter, but trying my best to get into a state of mind to embrace the coziness. 

This attitude will come in handy tonite when it's pitch dark at 4:30pm 😧🍷🥃


My youngest turns 18 on Wednesday, so now I officially have 3 adult kids. Ha! 

Now, that's a good one. 😂 

The other 2 “adults” come home from school in about 3 weeks - and will be here for about 2 months…at least.  

It'll be so nice to be all together again ---  playing board games, doing crafts, finishing 1,000 piece puzzles, going for long hikes in the woods, baking fresh bread, cleaning the house and making dinners together….and basically living the dream.


Hardy har-har.

Now back to reality, and what you may have missed this week… 

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The outfits that members put together were so fantastic, and ran the gamut from office, to zoom, to going to the grocery store…to going no where at all. 

And the consensus was that putting on the jacket had a positive impact on their day…making them feel more pulled together and productive. 

Try it this week, if you dare!

And here's the Yarrow ponte blazer (on sale!) in a very subtle, tonal leopard print. 

Proof that a blazer does not need to be stuffy!

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#justgetdressed is about more than putting clothes on our body and avoiding the  humiliation of public nudity;) 


It's about the SIMPLE DAILY HABITS that make us feel better, do better and be better. 


Today is the final day to sign up for the 

It's About Time! Virtual Group Coaching Course.  

I took the course in August and it was a game changer. I've been more productive, have more downtime, and have tackled some work and house projects I'd been putting off for YEARS. We're running it again starting tomorrow, just in time to go into the holidays with our acts together and with new Time Management HABITS. 


Spend just 15 minutes per day for 21 days, at your schedule, from the comfort of home.  


This course (lead by Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Carol Perlman) is geared towards women, men, students, at-home moms/dads, retirees and anyone who could benefit from more focus, more productivity, and better time management habits.


  Registration closes tonite at midnight. Sign up with a friend(s) and you'll both get a nice discount - use code bringafriend. See all the details and sign up HERE!


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And last but definitely not least…my most popular image of the week and a message we can all agree on this week, right? 

Love you ladies! xo, Beth

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That's it for today!  

Remember, even if you don't have to #justgetdressed,

do it anyway!

...And be well! 


 If you haven't already, I invite you to click here and join my free, private 

#justgetdressed VIP's Facebook Group.

Ask questions, get advice, inspiration and tips! 


Thanks for reading! And I love hearing from any questions or comments, just hit reply this email. 

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