One of my favorite photographs is one that I decided not to take. 

It was January 1st, 2019, and it was the last of many New Years mornings that I would spend with my Grandma.

After a night of snacks and movies and a breakfast of protein shakes, I sat on my Grandma’s coral couch while she sat facing her bathroom mirror, door wide open, getting ready for the day. 

Wrapped in her robe and perched on her shiny red walker, she applied lipstick with precision and grace.

As a photographer, I am always seeing opportunities to create an image.  I aim to make photos ethically and with intention, which includes knowing when not to create a photo, and this felt like one of those moments.  


The image in my mind says so much about Grandma's beauty, pride, grace, and mostly about how to adapt to change.  


Why am I writing about my Grandma? She is an inspiration to me when it comes to being politically engaged.  I remember going to rallies with her as a child, seeing her bulletin board full of pins supporting causes and candidates. She always listened to people with different opinions, and would offer calm, informed, and thoughtful responses.


My grandma continues to be an inspiration for me as I text and call voters, train to monitor polls on election day, and send this email to thank you for voting. Didn't vote yet? Go here for all the info you need about voting locations and candidates.  

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