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Hello Again! It’s Illanith! I’m back from my hiatus. This past year has brought my second daughter MaCiel Anais into the world and a complete uproot and move from my home city Toronto, Canada to Medellin, Colombia.  Two things I never imagined would happen at 40 but life has a real sense of humour, and a tricky way of bringing things full circle, doesn't it?


Having two daughters really ups my game on being a Mindful Mother. Especially with all the shifts the world has seen for our women  in the past two years. My calling of empowering, elevating and encouraging girls has never been so loud. We have a responsibility as mothers, not only to ourselves and digging deeper into our own stories and behaviours in order to rise to the next level, but to teach our girls how to do the same. A huge and UNFAIR responsibility  for us Mama’s, but somebody thought we could do it, so here we are. 


Can I also  throw in here the unfair assumption that people think I know what I’m doing as a mom of two young girls...can I debunk that myth right now? Teens...that’s my jam! It always has been for the past 16 years and always will be.



Medellin is a gem, a very connected city. I have had more opportunities to be in nature, we are a  metropolitan city surrounded by the Andean mountains, connect with like minded healers and regain control of everything that makes me my highest self, meditation, dance, yoga and family. 

(All written pre-quarantine btw)


Being a mother for a second time is incredibly different as well. With Xiona Juliette I played single working mother for 4 years as we waited for my husband’s Canadian residency to come through (it didn’t in the end). To all my single mothers out truly are my heroes. 


I also thank my stars that Elky Leonardo is a stay at home dad and Loves it! Which not many understand or accept fully....but it doesn't bother us because It means I get more time to dive deep into my work personally and professionally and actually look my daughters in the eye and appreciate them everyday without the extra pull towards fulfilling a million responsibilities on my own. I promise to never take an extra set of hands for granted. Time behaves differently when you don't have those hands. And we know even when we have those extra hands time is still a different beast from the rest.  


I can't wait for us to learn from each other. I've missed you all. 


So there you have it, I am ready to serve  my mothers once again. 

See you soon!


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