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hey there, friend!

Time felt so strangely fluid this week.  The days felt slow, then quick, then slow again. Because of the time change, yes, but I think also because of my forced avoidance of not only social media but the news.  It was…refreshing and productive?  I read actual books, took walks in the morning, and fell asleep on the sofa at night more than once (only to wake up for 2 solid hours in the middle of the night, but still, its progress).


Maybe doomscrolling everyday isn't the healthiest way to stay on top of things…


I also fell way down a nostalgia hole when I ran across some really old photos of one of my nieces as a baby when looking for something else entirely, and again when the youngest niece randomly Facetimed to tell me that she finally figured out how to snap her fingers.  Aunt Mel is so happy that my kiddos are growing into themselves, truly, but also a little sad that time continues to march on, and that none of them are babies any more. It really goes so fast. Then I saw this illustration and realized, once again, I'm not alone.


Also, on the Auntie note, I'm super enjoying Rachel Cargle's Rich Auntie Supreme…because we are all a meaningful part of our village, no matter our role…and my role is to get wistful over fat baby pictures, and then nostalgic when that fat baby turned silly grown kid now messages me randomly from her own phone.

Some other small comforts the past few days:

Waking up to a house that was below 70deg without AC for the first time since February.

Halloween dinner outside on the patio with the first fire of the season.

Two-Factor Authentication and the Authenticator App (fools tryna hack more than one of my accounts multiple times this week but NOPE)

Mixing in a few more satin pieces to my at-home wardrobe (I did buy that skirt from last week and it is GLORIOUSLY comfy and soft and fancy)


Here are few other things that have helped me get through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be:



We've been trying to eat outside at home as much as possible, because the humidity will come back eventually, and we need to take advantage while we can.  I love the loose styling of this table from the former Noci farm in California.  Simple, straightforward, but still filled with interesting textures and colors.  And some great looking bread… It's the perfect inspiration for a quiet Thanksgiving table at home.

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