Nov 12th, 2020

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hello friends, 


i write this the morning after a day of reciting loving prayers and binge watching The Parkers. every time i felt the pang of election anxiety, fear, anger, or numbness, i hummed, sang, rocked myself, laid on the ground. i gave myself permission to stop watching or trying to understand & to unapologetically be with myself. without consciously realizing, i was doing that resiliency thing people talk about. i leaned into the ancestral practices i know in my body for my nervous system that allowed me to still be living in my body, in this moment, as myself. 


i invite you to do what you need to feel whole. do what you need to do right now to have access to more of yourself. listen to your nervous system and give it what it needs, whether a scream, an imaginary fist fight with the air, or a soothing rocking. 

in this moment, lean into resiliency with me. 


you will not be destroyed. you will be and live fully, because that is your birthright.

i'm sending you light, friend.


events & gatherings

two November events: Shift & Become + Connect & Cultivate BIWOC circle. 

for both, come as you are - receive what you need - and give what you can.


Next Thursday Nov 12th, 1pm CT

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Shift & Become: an open discovery circle
Shift & Become is back and early this month given the climate of the world right now. a 75-minute softly guided virtual dialogue for wrestling with the wildness of the ever changing internal and external world.


Next Saturday. Nov 14th, 1pm CT

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Connect & Cultivate: BIWoC empowerment circle 
a 75-minute softly guided circle for Black, Indigenous, &/or women of color to replenish, process, and honor the best version of ourselves while sharing sistering energies. now more than ever, we will be leaning into inner knowings and identifying what we need.



gems to check out

people, experiences, and words that are worth checking out. 

note: some of these are IG links;

if you do not want to expose yourself to instagram - the links are in pink.


- Melanie DeMore's Sending you light always grounds me and brings me to TEARS. its somatic nourishment. #goosebumps


- i've been doing a lot of video consuming, Sister Act 2's Oh Happy Day always bring me back. The Parker's give me all the laughs i need. #visualnourishment


- some books i'm reading: Warrior Of The Light by Paulo Freire and Wild Seed by Octavia Butler #writtenwisdom


- all things adrienne maree brown, the pleasure activism she has guided us with and embodies reminds us to lean into pleasurable things right now. PLAY, take baths where you say affirmations to your body, DANCE!  do it all unapologetically because you need it right now more than ever. #pleasureactivism


- for my white-bodied folks especially, one of my favorite beings in the world Jen Lemen is truly doing heart-centered posts for healing and wrestling in this moment. she is worth the follow for all because she's amazing yet i center her here because she's real about what this moment is calling for white-bodied persons. #myfavoritelemon



No matter what you are facing and how you are feeling, I know one thing is true:

You are worthy of a full, well and whole life.

May you be empowered all ways & always.


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**curious as to why I may have omitted capitalization? - lucille clifton inspired me.

"Standard English… is the language of conquest and domination; in the United States, it is the mask which hides the loss of so many tongues, all those sounds of diverse, native communities we will never hear...we create the ruptured, broken, unruly speech of the vernacular... There, in that location, we make English do what we want it to do. We take the oppressor’s language and turn it against itself. We make our words a counter-hegemonic speech, liberating ourselves in language.” - bell hooks taught me. & more here.