November 8, 2020 


Hello Friends!



I was on a call with a Texas client this week and we were making small talk about the weather. I was joking that we New Englanders make a sport out of complaining about the weather. Can you relate? It's too cold, too snowy, too hot, too dark, too muggy, blahblahblah. 

WELL….this weekend, there is NO complaining to be had. Yesterday we had mid-70's and bright sun, and it looks like more of the same today. To some of you that may not seem like a big deal, but to us beleaguered New Englanders, it is. 🤪

Bill and I took our 2 pooches to a favorite beach on the North Shore, and the atmosphere was giddy…I think because we know it's a rare gift…

 AND mostly because we know what's coming….


Happy, sandy and impossible-to-photograph doggies. 


Now for what went on at B.Styled this past week….

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And last but not least, an important reminder for all of us…


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We all get caught in the comparison trap - and social media makes it really easy to fall into it...All those images of people who are taller, thinner, younger, that have seemingly limitless budgets, blah blah, blah


Stop it!


The others with the "perfect lives/bodies/wardrobes" - not to mention all the likes, followers, (and more blahblahblah)... they probably fall into the same comparison trap.


I do it too. I look at bloggers, influencers, and stylists with thousands of followers, perfect pictures, and huge businesses, and it's easy to get frustrated and feel less-than.


Let's all just STOP.


Instead, let's focus on being the best version of YOU/ME and take the steps to be that best person - inside and out. 


That's what #justgetdressed is all about. 

So get to it, ladies! ✅👍🏼😘

And have a great week! 




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