Vendor Set Up Details


Masks or face coverings are required inside the Country Club, please have a mask or face covering with you.


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Up to date set up details can be found online at


Tax Permit From Texas Comptroller: Big Top does not request a copy of your permit but you do need to be in compliance with all Texas laws.


Set Up Schedule:

Tuesday, November 17, 8 am - 11a: all vendors move in.

You will enter the parking lot located at 4300 South Shore Blvd, League City, TX 77573 - once inside the parking lot make your way to the front main entrance of the Club.


Booths 1-25 will unload at the front of the Club - please make your unload speedy by unloading onto the front breeze way, then go park, then return to carry your items inside.


Booths 10-14B to decrease congestion please refer to the map and take the driveway to the back of the Club and unload at the patio. 


Vendors may park here to unload their vehicles, then go park in the Country Club Parking lot.  Please select one of the further spaces from the front door and leave front row parking for members and shoppers.


If you will be unloading out of a trailer please email and let me know what size your trailer is, your expected arrival time and how long it will take you to unload.


Current Trailer Unload List:

Kickin' Rocks


If you have smaller and lightweight items you may also carry/dolly/wagon your items from the parking lot to the front door of the Country Club.  



Market Hours:
Tuesday, November 17 - 11a - 7pm


Break Down Schedule:
Starting at 7pm vendors may break down their booth.

All items including inventory, display items and trash must be removed from the club house before you leave the market Wednesday evening.  

Please pack down your booth and clean all trash from your booth. When you are ready to load up you may then move your vehicle to the breezeway off of the front of the building to load up.


The fastest way to get packed up, moved out and on your way home is to only move your vehicle when you are ready to carry your items to your vehicle.  Parking vehicles, then going to pack up and make trips as you pack down only delays break down for everyone and causes a traffic bottleneck.


Please only move your vehicle when you are ready to carry your items outside, load up and drive away.


Vendor Parking:
Vendors parking is free in the Club House parking lot.  Please select one of the further spaces from the front door and leave front row parking for members and shoppers.



There is a restaurant within the club, they will have box lunches available for purchase.  There is also a cash bar available for vendors and shoppers.



The club has 6 rectangle tables/linens available for vendors to borrow.  These are first come first serve.  To reserve one of the six tables please email (or reply to this email) once they are reserved you will need to bring everything you need for your display and setup.


The club is a buzz with excitement for this exclusive shopping opportunity with you!


If you have last minute questions or need to contact me please text me at 281-770-1888  it can be difficult to answer phone calls while working in-person with other vendors.



1 - The Woodhouse Day Spa - Baybrook

2 - The Oilerie

3 - Leopard Love Boutique

4 - Trendy Cargo

5 - Horseshoe & Lace

6 - Heather Lane Candle Co

7 - My Daily Choice Hempworz

8 - Sunshine Sunbeams Glass

9 - Kickin' Rocks

10 - Lee's Laser Creations

11 - Karafe T Resin Art

12 - The Arnharts/ Color Street

13 - Hang it ALL Up

14 - 2 Go Drinks and Dips

15 - O'Hurley's Keepsakes

16 - MI Lifestyle

17 - Acaju Spiced Cashews

18 - K's Creations

19 - Shop-a-holic Sanctuary

20 - Majeza Jewelry Cleaner

21 - Braylee's & Co.

22 - Creations Galore - Chaulk Couture

23 - Stratus Boutique

24 - The Gift Guru

25 - IT’S A HOOT!

26 - Bunny Bellington

B1 - The Dainty Cactus Boutique



thank you for being a vendor - happy selling!

xo, Melissa