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Hi, First name / reader!


I'm SUPER sorry I didn't send on Sunday this week, guys. There was an unexpected, sudden death in my family this week, and I just needed a minute afterward to feel my feelings and check on my family members closest to the amazing human we lost. 


Also, just a heads-up that ALL non-Bayshore Witch Legacy books are coming down by the end of the week this week, and will remain down until I have the ability to rapid-release the completed series to you at a later date. 


If all goes well for me, I'm hoping to have all my drafts for the entire BWL series completed by September of 2021. My Alpha Readers will be able to read the drafts as I complete them and offer feedback. The fully edited versions will be re-launched as quickly as possible after the series has been completed. I have to talk to my editor, however, and make sure that's a doable thing. 


If I pull down ALL my current books and set up pre-orders for Curses, Lies, and Alibis, Coven of Secrets (2nd Edition), and Coven of Lies (2nd Edition), do you guys think I might be able to manage a solo USA Today list run with these books? I will create pre-orders for all 9 books in the series if you guys think I can make it happen, but again, I have to consult with my editor to make sure these goals are possible.    


thank you for  READING AND being a part of my life.

xo, c. j.

New From My Author Friends:

Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, & Similar Genres

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When chaos consumes, and worlds collide, all that's left in the night are whispers.

Delve into the darkness.

Experience total mayhem.

Explore bounds that test the limits of reality.

The authors of this set bring you twenty-two supernatural adventures.
With stories that stretch the veils of belief, you're destined to get lost between the pages.

These twisted and magically wicked tales will satisfy your craving for paranormal romances and urban fantasy stories of all steam levels.

MIDNIGHT WHISPERS is a limited edition collection you don't want to miss. Each book is exclusive and can not be found anywhere else. Grab this ultimate bundle for 99 cents before it's gone forever!

Featured authors: Celia Kyle, J.L. Beck and C. Hallman, Mikayla Symonett, Sharon Hamilton, Lea Jade, Jessica Wayne, Bee Murray and Niobe Marsh, Molly Chase, Sapphire Winters and S.M. Nicholas, Helen Allan, Meg Anne, Rose Garcia, Kira Brinamon, Moni Boyce, L S Slayford, A.J. Macey and Jarica James, D.H. Gibbs, Michelle Mcloughney, Sade Rena and SD Savore’, Eve L. Mitchell, Tera Lyn Cortez, and Carmilla Quinn

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Mai Sasaki is a kitsune witch. Growing up in a small tea shop with her mother was not her idea of fun. After high school, she left for college, vowing never to return. Nine years later, standing in front of the tea shop, Mai wants nothing more than to have her mother train her to be the best witch possible.

Yuri Sasaki owns a tea shop known as The Den. In the supernatural community, this tea shop is a necessity. Patrons visit Yuri for everything from common aches and pains to shape-shifting mood stabilizers. When her daughter appears after being away from home, she reluctantly gives her a second chance.

Mai must now prove to her mother that she has the discipline to be her mother's apprentice. Her first assignment - meet with a client and give them a treatment. Will she be able to find them in time?


Contemporary Romance & Similar Genres

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Are you searching for Mr. Right Now? Yes? There’s an app for that.Wren Duffy has spent her adult like making a name for herself in Silicon Valley, at the expense of casting aside her own personal life. Her longest relationship has been with her trusty laptop. However, after she develops a cutting-edge app for lonely singles, she’s forced out of her comfort zone. She will have to beta test her app in order to prove to investors that it’s worth the risk.Ben Barnes moves to Silicon Valley for a fresh start—his sole focus is his contracting business until a friend convinces him to try a new app for hooking up. Despite his insecurities, he decides to go all in. As luck may have it, he meets a brainy woman who confuses him and beguiles him. The only problem—she wants nothing to do with a lasting relationship.Can Ben convince Wren that she needs Mr. Right…instead of Mr. Right Now?

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She’s chasing her dreams, but will he be the one to make them all come true?

Ruby Slade has music in her blood. She’s felt it since she was a little girl. But when her family discourages music in every way, Ruby suppresses that dream. It isn’t until her best friend encourages her to take a leap of faith that Ruby finally dips her toes into the world of music once again.

Xavier Boyce has been a rock legend for more than a decade, but ten years in the music industry could never prepare him for the fireball that is Ruby Slade. He just wants to help, but she’s quick to shut him down. Will fate’s helping hand give them the shove they need, or will their musical dreams be the one thing that tears them apart?

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Fame and Fortune Changed him into a Bad Boy with a Big Head


He’d been my first love...and my first lover. 
But when Shawn Ryan’s football career took off, so did his ego. 
Now he’s made a fumble that could cost him his career. 
When he came to me for sensitivity training, I knew this was my chance. 
It was my chance to coach the player. 
Could he change his playboy ways and go back to being the man I once loved?



Or would I just be another pass in his playbook?