Pepin Tote Sew-Along: Week 3


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Welcome to the third week of the Pepin Tote Sew-Along! I'm excited you're here!


Last time (Week 2), I put together a video on making the exterior and attaching the handles which I hope you found helpful. Here's a link to that newsletter. It also included thread and needle tips, so give it a read if you haven't already.


Now we're onto the lining! There are two distinct options for the lining, so I hope that this additional information/instruction in the video is helpful. I've included the magnetic snap closure (which is optional) and also the recessed zipper closure (again, optional). I'm sewing two different totes throughout the video. The floral tote uses the magnetic snap closure and the solid yellow tote is where I show the recessed zipper installation. One important note to make is that when we're attaching the Top Lining pieces to our Main Lining panels, sew them using a ¼" seam allowance. Whether you're including the recessed zipper or not, that's an important one to note. :) It's in the pattern instructions and I point it out in the video as well.


Scroll down for the video for this week's sew-along. I've put timestamps in the video's description so if you only want/need to watch a certain part, click on those timestamp links. This will be helpful depending on if you're sewing the recessed zipper or not, you can skip ahead to correspond to the options you're choosing to sew.


Lastly, if you haven't picked up your Pepin Tote pattern, click the button below.



Here's the video for Week 3 of the Pepin Tote sew-along! Click the image below to play the video.

Image 1

After this week you should have the lining of your tote complete. Yay! We're on the homestretch after this!


Once again, here's the sew-along schedule:

Week 1: October 30, fabric selection as well as cutting & fusing interfacing

Week 2: November 11, make front pocket & exterior

Week 3: November 18 (today), make the lining (we'll go over both the magnetic snap and recessed zipper options)

Week 4: November 25, finish your tote!


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