Winter 2020 Newsletter


Leadership Program Change

You may recall that the purpose of the program is to provide opportunities for connection and relationship-building between peers, which is difficult to do in a virtual setting and in the presence of so many other distractions. We are hopeful that it will be safe to meet in-person in the summer and are shifting the timeline of the program from January-December to July-June. Applications for the program will be available on our website mid-April 2021.


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Sabbatical Program Changes

Sabbatical Grants no longer have a preliminary application and are now available to organizations that have received Rapid Response funds. We will prioritize organizations with racially diverse leadership teams and CEOs of color. To apply, please email Jennifer Oldham a response to the Needs Assessment Questions at least one month prior to the application deadline. 


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Reminder About Deadlines


Since we eliminated Transom and Small Grants, you won’t need to submit a preliminary application or schedule a preliminary meeting. The Operating Grant does not have a preliminary application and the full application is due on the Application Deadline. While we will not have a formal preliminary process, we will gladly share feedback on your prior application or discuss anything related to your application or organization. Please feel free to reach out to your program officer at any time.


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