virtual launch party

for Treychel Anderson and Nomad Virtual Solutions

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Today is one of my favorite days! Want to know why? It's because it's Treychel's virtual launch party day for her web design business, Nomad Virtual Solutions! Ready to check it out? Let's go! 


Treychel booked my 1-Day Brand Blueprint project, which is a VIP brand design day for creatives and coaches looking to uplevel their branding, gain more confidence in themselves and their business, and maximize their income! From the beginning, we clicked and the design day ended up being an amazing experience! 



Before we can get into her full branding, we need to take a look at her moodboard so you can understand the direction we were going! 

Image 1

During our brand coaching call, Treychel made a point to share that she felt spirituality was incredibly important and she wanted to have a “witchy” vibe to her branding, so I heavily focused on that while building her moodboard. She also mentioned that she loved pink and purple , so I wanted to be sure to include those colors to the best of my ability! 



logo design

That really set the mood for the rest of Treychel's branding, so when her  design day started, I had a very good idea of what to do for her logo.  

Image 1


For her logo, we went with a gorgeous decorative serif with custom celestial accents, as well as a beautiful, handwritten script. These two fonts paired together give a fun yet personal feel to her brand. 


As I was designing, we decided to try a gradient for her logo, and it turned out to be the best version of her logo! Doing that made it really easy to create the rest of her logo suite! I built a more complex version of her main logo with her tagline, as well as a fun stacked logo in a box and a version of her main logo with gemstones. 

Image 1


the icons & submark

Once her logos were locked in, we got to work on her icons and submarks. 


For her submark, we went for a classic- the circle with her brand initials, though we added a twist. For her monogram, we mixed up her initials so they weren't in a row or directly next to one another. We also added the gradient to it to make it colorful and fun! 

Image 1


Since she wanted a specific style, I sourced most of her icons from Creative Market, an amazing marketplace for all things creative! That included the amazing gemstone we used in some of her alternative logo, as well as some other fun elements!

Image 1


Once we finished that, it was time to build out her final brand board!


the brand board

Pulling together her final brand board was one of my favorite parts and is something I am so proud of! 

⬇️ Take a look at the final board below ⬇️

Image 1

This brand is such a fun representation of who Treychel is and I am so so so glad I was given the honor of bringing it to life! 


Want to see the behind the scenes process of her brand design? Watch the brand design vlog below!


Want to connect with Treychel? Check her out on Instagram! 


We're going live over on Instagram TODAY at 12PM PST to talk about her brand design project, so be sure to tune in here


Want to see her entire project and learn more about it? Check out the whole page by clicking below! 


I'd love to know what you think! Let me know what you think of the new brand by responding to this email! 


Talk soon creative! 

xo, emily

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