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a crazy year but lots to be thankful for

We are a little more than a week away from Thanksgiving and I know that for most of us, this year doesn't look like Thanksgiving’s past. We would normally be packing to head to Denver to spend the week with my parents, but for obvious reasons, we are staying put this year. I can't tell who is more disappointed, my kids or my mom? 


Every year my mom hosts Thanksmas!   Since we aren't usually with them for Christmas she misses watching them open presents, so she has created a holiday of her own.  It is so awesome and so uniquely my mom. Of course, this year even though we won't be with her - she had my dad ship all the presents here, and we will just have to settle on saying “gobble gobble ho ho” over zoom!


So this year I will be cooking dinner at home instead of just waiting for my dad to chef up his awesome feast! It is different, but I am so thankful for memories of all the big, crazy Thanksgivings we have had over the years. Most have been with our dear family friends, the Stampers, and always stragglers that weren't able to be with their family. We have had it everywhere from Denver to Vail to Nantucket. There is always lots of craziness and sometimes even games! When I got married, I told Tommy that Thanksgiving with my family was a deal breaker!!!


Stay healthy and safe and let's hope that next year will find us back to our old traditions. 

xo, whitney



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