5 Codes 🕵🏽‍♀️ for New or Aspiring Real Estate Agents

In our current environment everyone has been looking for more opportunities to work from home or to work for themselves. 


It may seem like the Real Estate is a hard field to get into but if you are motivated and have drive you will definitely be successful and can begin quicker than you think! 


Don't get discouraged!


If you are even a little serious, or you have already done your google search “How to become a real estate agent?” “Is the real estate exam hard?” then you'll want to read the rest to get a better idea of what your getting into


You probably see tons of negativity but fear not! If you apply yourself and really believe you want this you can pass and be helping clients in no time!



Doing your research, especially when entering a new field or career path is essential, that's why you are here today! But take that negative feedback and knowledge and use it as fuel. I read that less than 60% pass the real estate exam the first time. That made me determined to pass on my first time, and I did! Running your own business is going to be filled with discouraging moments, just remember your “why”.

Stay true to the course!


You can now take the course online, totally independent! You will have to take a course exam VERY similar to your official proctored exam but you can do it all on YOUR time! I actually went through Long and Foster.


Or you could also attend classes online with an instructor! Some of which I will be teaching =). Through the Moseley School

There is a 60 hour course and a live proctored exam(pandemic or not). If you chose to do the independent online learning be sure to stay consistent. We all have slip ups and days where we miss doing important things. DON'T let that become a habit when it comes to completing your course. You may have months to complete it but that just means it will take longer for you to start making money.

Start saving  💵 for fees and dues and MARKETING!


Of course there's going to be cost involved!

You will be responsible for paying for but not limited to: 

-Course fees

-Licensing fees


-Fees and dues with your  brokerage possibly

-Fees and dues from the MLS


- and many more!!

MARKETING is so important for any business but for you as a real estate agent, it's sometimes all you have. If you work for a great company like CanZell, they provide a lot of help with marketing and in turn, lead generation💵! YOU will be responsible for anything that cost though, including but not limited to signage, business cards, pens, personalized items, internet posts boosts, property boosts, etc.


You do not have to spend an arm and a leg on marketing either. Some of the best in the business say 10% of total income on marketing is the goal. In the beginning you will want to find which marketing strategies work best for you so you'll want to invest into a little of everything. After you learn what is generating your business you pour more into that and lessen or stop spending in other areas. 


P.S. Word of mouth is free 😆

Interview Firms


Usually for a new career we are the ones being interviewed. But as an agent you actually interview different firms to see which brokerage you would like to work for. 


To find a brokerage or firm you can begin with a google search, or maybe calling firms from yard signs that catch your eye. 


It is important for you to ask questions that are going to affect you the most. You also want to catch the vibe. Although real estate can be pretty much virtual, especially these days, you always want to be aware of who you will be corresponding with on a day to day or regular basis. These people should also be successful in their own right and hopefully an asset to you as you can be for them.


You will want to ask about dues and fees that you should prepare for. Commission splits…OF COURSE! 😂 We definitely want to know how much we're making since we're investing so much! And if there are any requirements or non negotiable's for you. Always talk to a few, you want to become a realtor so I am sure everyone you speak with will have pretty good convo but you have to really decide which one is right for you. Do I see a pro/con list in your future? 🔮

Build your Sphere


Tell your friends and family about you being in school to become a realtor, or if you've already passed, that you are licensed! They will be so excited for you!


Yes it is nerve wrecking to reach out to people that you may have not spoken to in months or even years but the people that love and admire the true you will always be happy for you…so reach out!

Trust me, I was so nervous about reaching out like, what do I even say? But when you get hungry enough, you'll find the words to say. Closed mouths don't get fed. Your phone contacts are people that know you best or at least n some form. Take your time to go through and shoot a personal text. Save a template to your notes and customize it to each person, or use kvCORE smart CRM technology (Canzell perk) or ask them to write a character review you can post.


Agent Mess Up Below: 

I was a little upset when an old friend from high school and I ran into each other and she goes I totally would have had you to be our agent if I would have known. I passed her name when I was reaching out to my clients because we haven't talked in so long, but I ended up missing out on a client. You have to know and acknowledge the great connections you've made in the past. You're not asking them to buy or sell their home you're just letting them know about a major life event! The support in so many different ways you will get from the people in your sphere will surprise you.


I hope you enjoyed my personal top 5 things you should know when becoming an agent. I'm excited to share many more with you in the coming months. As always, I'm so grateful for your support and love having this opportunity to serve you and pass on what I've learned

With love—

Agent Jaz