November 22, 2020 


Hello Friends!



Happy Thanksgiving Week 2020. I'll spare you  the platitudes about how different this year looks, and just tell you how thankful I am for you -- for this community of wonderful, positive and supportive women, and for the chance to 

#justgetdressed with you all;) 


Every year I do a big holiday gift guide and yes, I will be releasing one again this week. But I know I am personally cutting WAY back on gift-buying and being very selective about what I buy and bring into my house. I've been in a major declutter and purge mode and the last thing I want to do is negate all those efforts. I'm feeling a bit of relief that my kids are basically “grown up” 🤔😂⁉️ and that I don't have to buy toys, video game stuff or anything plastic. Phew. For those of you who do…my blessings to you;) 


My plan this year is to draw names with my family of 6 and each person will be responsible for doing a really fun, creative and thoughtful stocking for the person they draw. Then I'll give the guys cash, since that's all they “need” anyway. 💵


As for my gifting choices, I'm also making an effort to spend my dollars with other small businesses who are being hit hard this year and will appreciate the support more than some other not-to-be named ginormous retailers. My motto is this: 


“Go ahead and buy your laundry detergent anywhere, but when gifting someone you love, buy from someone you know. ”


Now here's what went on at B.Styled this week, starting with a PDF of gift picks for the women on your list:


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Here's an exciting update to this Winter's Style System and #justgetdressed Challenge!


Since most of us won't be getting dressed in the traditional sense as much this season, we'll be working to NAIL our Wardrobe Essentials by learning the best styles and cuts to pick based on your BODY TYPE and PROPORTIONS.  This way when life returns to normal, you'll be in great shape with those wardrobe foundations that make #justgetdressed easy.   I'll be recruiting “models” to represent different body types. Stay tuned for more on that! 


The program launches around December 1st…make sure you're on the list to be notified

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The responses from the group were so helpful….but the winner goes to these insane brownies recommended by Elizabeth. WOW, WOW, WOW. These babies and a bottle of red wine — and my day was complete;) 

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And finally, some wise words on Thanksgiving, especially for 2020 -  the year that has thrown us for a whopping loop: 

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Here's to a happier life my sweet friends.


And cheers to #justgetdressed.

In pants. With buttons. At least some days. 😂👍🏼


Have a great week, and a happy, healthy and blessed Thanksgiving! 

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