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I'm writing this on Thanksgiving morning, in a quiet house as Brian is between this morning's ESL classes (China doesn't celebrate our holidays, so he teaches 365 days a year). And because the world right now is upside down and backwards, this morning I started putting up the Christmas tree in the living room. Which, I… probably should have measured the spot before I impulse ordered this thing…O WELL!  


In a normal year, I'd be preparing for a huge Thanksgiving dinner for a houseful of family right now. But nothing this year is normal, so instead we'll have a new, quiet low-cal dinner for two later today (I'll share the menu next week if it's any good), and maybe we'll string some lights on the house later.


I'm only starting to write this at the last moment because it has been another unusually challenging week. An unexpected and complicated passing in one family followed by a somewhat expected one in the other was coupled with finishing up a huge work project.  It's caused a bit of emotional whiplash for me. And I'm tired, so I waited for a quiet moment.


And like, how is it Thursday already?  As Brian just sang to me as he walked past my office, “The daaaays are all meessed up……” which made me laugh.   Its the little things getting me by these days.  And we are getting by.

Even though we're okay right now, things are dire in too many peoples lives right now.  If you, too, are blessed to have enough this year, here are some great places to share with others:

Local Angel Tree directory & registry

Feeding America local food bank registry

The Okra Project

The Loveland Foundation

The Zebra Coalition registry

Project Night Night

Giving Tuesday

Here are few other things that have helped me get through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be:


Christmas Tree

The days were long and energy was nonexistent so the only thing I made this week was this Christmas tree.  I'll be fluffing it all day long.  Sparkles tomorrow!



It's starting to set in a bit that I'm not going to see snow in person this year.  So instead, here's a pin of a piece by Visual Monochrome Arts on Etsy, of a beautifully snow-covered forest.  All of their art is just GORGEOUS!!!   

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